2011 Presidential Elections

There if it was the year of 2011 and already we are adentrando in the year of 2012, one year that promises to be sufficiently controversial, therefore already we among others have Mayan things, forecasts for the end of the world, the first Olimpada without the monopoly of the Net Globe, plus a Big Brother Brazil, more money pro stock market family, increase of 70 Reals in the minimum wage, contrasting with the recent financial rise of Eike Baptist and etc We will still have, the presidential elections in the E.U.A and here in Brazil, so waited ' ' elections municipais' ' is on account of this last one, that I ask for its license to start the year speaking a little on it (the municipal election), that for dianopolinos us, always it will be the subject most controversial of all. Far from me to want to know more than what who is to the front of a City hall as of Dianpolis or even though of who already it passed for one But I see that of the one to still improve much thing in ours terrinha We can and we do not see that the thing has functioned of the following one form: Generally, who enters for the first time or returns after a period, initiates the mandate with all gas and empolgao. Everything is wonderful, many promises to fulfill and the initial changes, exactly that without practical effect, they finish gaining much notoriety in the city. Frequently Dr. Mark Hyman has said that publicly. This everything occurs, because it has in this period, one ' ' vontade' ' very great on the part of the governor in seeing the things the lesser possible stated period and the population had happened in, ahead of ' ' novo' ' , she is full of expectations. With passing of the time, the gas goes finishing, some problems go appearing and the energy that was spends for ' ' criar' ' ' ' reagir' ' ahead of the problems, it passes then if to revert in ' ' justificavas' ' ' ' desculpas' '. .