Attention is as medicine, cures, heals, brings well-being, and without the training of care there is no waking. When we put more attention the mind is peaceful and the thoughts disappear, because our thoughts are our worst enemy, since it generates us suffering. With mindfulness We arrived at the lighting. To develop the attention it is only through meditation. Through spiritual intelligence we wake up the truth which is that frees us, heals and enlightens. Learn more at: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Attention only takes place in the now and the now is the gateway to the realization. Suffering is in keeping with past or future time, generating depression or stress, thus we leave our natural state of happiness. For this reason, the importance of learning to be happy, that means learning to live in the now and use the past or future only in practical terms.

Learn to be happy also means learning how to know with the eye of spiritual, learn to see the world with the spiritual eye which is which develops wisdom. The spiritual eye is to go beyond the mental eye of thought. Allowing us to know and understand the happiness is the spiritual eye, not the mental eye. Science does not recognize the eye of contemplation. The spiritual eye opens the doors of the heart, and thus we will have compassion for others.

We must develop the spiritual eye, with the practice of the triple spiritual path. It is important to understand that only mental eye can know the apego-placer, the spiritual eye is the only one who can find happiness. And as the Doctor tells us the happiness is the ultimate goal, why have to dust off the spiritual eye. It is a great teaching has given us masters. Happiness comes from being who we really are. The spiritual eye is the instrument of spiritual intelligence, allows us to understand that suffering is something imagined.

Innovative Training Opportunities For Doctors

Successful Kongresssuchmaschinen for the medical training new Isenburg, February 23, 2009 – training sessions are an important part of any medical career. But the doctor where do you find useful information? When event takes place which nature where? Not just doctors want to be informed about this, speakers, organizers, and sponsors are interested in as well. The WEFRA publishing has found a solution with its innovative Veranstaltungssuchmaschinen dental and medical At Peter A. Levine PhD you will find additional information. Medical training and seminars are presented on these portals. Here, national as well as international organizer can publish free of charge their Congress messages. Training outreach and training operators benefit equally.

(Dental)Doctors and pharmacists can choose between 90,000 congresses and events. The Internet is the number one source of information for doctors. “Search engines have to look up the word” displaced in the area of the old fashioned and by Googling ” replaced. The WEFRA publishing relies on this trend and paves its training database users a convenient way by the Internetdschungel. and medical the user through detailed and accurate keyword word search quickly come to their desired information, news and addresses. But not only on the World Wide Web (dental) physicians can access this information. The new edition of the print compendium with over 4,000 medical Congresses has been available since January, and can be ordered through.