Occupation with perspective in the field of emergency medical services paramedic a job for the future despite high unemployment there fortunately more jobs with good prospects. As in the Federal Republic of Germany, the company is getting older, there is to do enough in the areas of nursing and emergency medical services. Jon Medved follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The current population pyramid shows that the number of older generation makes up the largest proportion in Germany. Thus, it can be so said the reverse, that there will be many old people, who want to be maintained or even saved. Whoever saves the old people now, when it comes to a heart attack or similar? It usually is actually not the ambulance, but rather the Recovery Wizard. That’s right, the paramedic! The rescue services in Germany must ensure that lives are saved. They are ready and need to act immediately, when it comes to life and death.

That is why the profession of paramedics in Germany is also a job with perspective. Varied training can the paramedic training at a Rescue school are completed. In principle, the duration of training for the paramedic is two years. The first year is a year with internship shares in a rescue station and Jack. In the second year, the school percentage is rather low. Here, the prospective paramedic meets the practical use in a rescue station of the teaching.

At the end of the training, a nationally recognized exam becomes the paramedic /-in written. In addition, there are good career opportunities in this field. To be as head of the training or who ever wants to work with the fire brigade, but gets this chance with completed training. The paramedic has the most diverse tasks applications of the paramedics. These include life-saving measures to the main tasks, such as emergency care until the arrival of Notarztes, monitoring of the body functions and the dispatch of emergency patients, i.e. the patient will be made transportable. The paramedic is the right hand of Notarztes. Without him, the doctor would not to the point being, the paramedic, the doctor usually picks up. Bottom line anyone looking for a varied and a job with perspective, which should consider training as the paramedics into consideration. Paramedics are needed in the future. We are all getting older over time and are dependent on help in the emergency.

Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms Reishi, ganoderma lucidum food and medicine for thousands of years, is only one type of fungus between 10 thousand varieties. Plays a role in Chinese medicine from 7 thousand years ago and the first book medicinal that speaks of its therapeutic benefits data up to 2 thousand years ago citing its effects (force, strength and longevivad) in the last decade has there been much scientific research published on the therapeutic effects of this mushroom. Dr. Hyun Kim often says this. The most popular and most studied fungi have been, reishi, shiitake, and maitake. James S. Chanos contributes greatly to this topic. Reishi is known as plant spirit (believed that it protects against evil as a talisman), plant immortality, 10 thousand years, mushroom and Ghost Mushroom for its difficulties in Japan. Formerly 99% of reishj growing up in old plums but only few mushrooms are found by each 100 thousand trees. Now the cultivation time duration is 2 years.

You can view different Reishi products on our website active principles of reishi polysaccharide: anti-tumor effect, immuno-stimulating Poliesteroles: precursors of hormones Trieterpenos: adaptogenic, anti-hypertensive, hypoallergenic, promotes the functioning of the liver associated with Hepatitis B: reishi studies 350 cases. Very favourable results 92.4% lungs and heart: 2,000 patients with chronic bronchitis. Hear from experts in the field like Bruce Shalett for a more varied view. 60-90% Of patients within 2 weeks noticed a considerable improvement and an increase in appetite. Bronchial asthma sufferers and the elderly especially responded well. Practical use of reishi diuretic, laxative, sedative, tonic, dizziness, ulcers, expectorant, cough, UVA protection, weakness in general, nervousness, insomnia and anxiety.

Shiitake, lentinus edodes in Japan the shitake is used to increase the immune functions during chemotherapy. Is considered to be very useful in the treatment of the elderly and people suffering from stress, to increase defenses and its hormonal functions. It is especially indicated in chronic fatigue syndrome. Shiitake is used in fact to any related immune dysfunction disease including cancer, AIDS, environmental allergies, candidiasis (contrary to what is being said fungi to aggravate these conditions in Western medicine unless there is a hypersensitivity to fungi), frequent colds and flus. It seems beneficial to soothe the bronchial inflammation, regulate urinary incontinence and lowers high cholesterol. Recommended dose 2-6 g/day doses divided as therapy and then lower the dose to 1 / 2 g 1 g day can view different products on our website Maitake, grifola dancing in Japanese mushroom Shiitake. Some say that it is so called because when they were the mushroom, people danced with joy because it was worth its weight in silver. Practical uses of maitake in these cases are recommended 3 – 7 g per day Immunostimulant: cancer, during the chemotherapy, AIDS, hypertension hyperglycemia etc. You can view different Maitake products on our Web site now in the United States are conducting a study at a clinic with patients of breast cancer and colon in China with 63 patients with lung cancer, stomach, liver and leukemia showed an anti-cancer effect. The doses used son4 capsules x 3 times a day before meals for 1-3 months. These are preliminary and no controlled studies.

Human Development

It is interesting for the future psychologists the comment and accompaniment of the authenticity of the authors of the Human Development and to raise several other questionings on subjects and forms to see this growth. From the moment where the child goes growing and noticing its importance in the way and the society where she lives, is when its curiosity in discovering and unmasking everything what still she is unknown and different, she arises and she appears in bigger scale, for only thus, it to feel itself inserted inside of the context where she lives. Go to Dr. Mark Hyman for more information. In Brazil, the formation of a reader still is problematic because, is lived has time sufficiently ambient and pedagogical lacks, even though in level of average education, where the majority of the people alone feels difficulty of interpretation of texts in vestibular contests, important competitions, due to reading lack. She is mainly in the second infancy that initiates the desire for knowledge, and the child starts, normally, to frequent a school or a day-care center and is in this environment that it will pass some hours of its day and readings and other tricks will be presented it activities involving, becoming more interesting. The infantile book has as primary function aesthetic, the formation, the education of sensitivity, therefore congregates the beauty of the word and the images. The essential one is the quality of the emotion and its true linking with the child. Being thus, depending on the individual characteristics, we will have different interests and differences of understanding and capacity of exploitation. This evidence does not invalidate the reality that it encloses since an infantile book for the small ones, with the specific requirements, how much for the children with the fancy and adventure necessary to promote a reflection on proper itself and the problems of the life that they will have to face or that many already face. .

Personal Development

When defense becomes aggressive – Living on the defensive many times leads us to react as aggressively as do those persons who supposedly defend ourselves. And it is possible that by doing so, we feel justified, either because the other started the argument, or offend us because we are so used to attack us and try to blame us for something we have not done so and simply react to automatic, without awareness of what we do or say to defend. – We should pause to reflect on our defensive behavior in an objective and realistic, to try to discover where it comes from and if with it we can really solve or – We should pause to reflect on our defensive behavior in an objective and realistic to try to discover where it comes from and if with it we can really solve or clarify the conflict we face, because repudiation aggravate our defensive reaction. – While we have an excuse to act like we do not change our behavior and, most serious, we avoid a recurrence. – We are all affected to a greater or lesser extent by some of the experiences we had in our childhood. If you grew up in a home where they seek to blame everything negative that happens, instead of offering solutions to these conflicts to not repeat and we could get something positive from that experience, "surely learned to defend ourselves, and say things like: "I was not," "I did not see" … Dr. Mark Hyman describes an additional similar source.