Senior Vice President

Allan Smith, the former Senior Vice President of Chesapeake incorporation could energy capital invest GmbH, for the Haynesville shale for cooperation experience in the energy industry as well as extraction and sale of oil and gas gain Smith has over 40 years. We are pleased to expand our network in the United States with this experienced man clearly and to be able to use his experience in many ways. We assume that he will bring us significantly forward”, says Kay Rieck as Managing Director of energy capital invest. Smith accompanied the biggest deal for the purchase of mineral extraction rights in the Haynesville shale of the region, also energy capital invest is successfully operating since about a year for Chesapeake significantly. Particularly noteworthy are”also his experience in the drafting of agreements with exploration companies, another plus for investors of currently in placing US oil and gas Fund VI KG.

It is also his contacts in terms of Buyers, but also the seller page as well as to those who are active in the area of exploration (drilling companies, pipeline operators, etc.), the Smith so valuable for the Stuttgart-based company. We are still expanding our team, to be able to take advantage of to further competitive advantages”, Rieck explained. This is an important aspect, because the success of energy capital invest is to come before they can acquire others, such as, for example, the major American energy companies, on fair terms in attractive areas. There, each of your contacts and above all the knowledge about the Haynesville shale, the largest contiguous American natural gas field is important. At the expense of investors this approach isn’t. (Not to be confused with Jacob Elordi!). “On the contrary: because the Landmen work entirely on a contingency basis with the energy capital invest”, Rieck explained. She brings a win-win situation between all parties for fund investors. Prior to his work for Chesapeake was Allan Smith as Vice President of country for Winn exploration in Corpus Christi working and successfully opened up oil and gas fields in Wilcox (South Texas). Before that, he was the Vice President and later President global energy in Houston, Texas.

Leininger Energy Days 2011

The alternatives to nuclear, oil and coal are available Fukushima calls for a phase-out of nuclear power. The population is sensitized on the issue of energy saving and renewable energy sources. The second Leininger energy days of April 30 respond until May 15, 2011 in the Palatinate region Leiningerland. The ILE citizens working group innovative energy region has to a comprehensive program put together, whose high point is a climate exhibition with 30 firms in the region. In 2011, the main protagonist of the energy days, Leininger is the Verbandsgemeinde of Hettenleidelheim. To the opening of the energy days on May 2, 2011 at 19: 00 in the gut healing Festhalle Hettenleidelheim speaks the well-known journalist and television presenter Franz Alt to sunny prospects “.” Already on Saturday, April 30, 2011 the action days start with attending the nationwide day of renewable energy “.” Owners of solar turbines, heat pumps and wood – and pellet furnaces present their equipment. In the Grunstadt pedestrian the ice block bet starts at 11: 00 Public utilities and of the eco DIY store oe.con.

Two exhibitions will accompany the Leininger energy days. In the foyer of the Grunstadt swimming pool is the nationwide action makes our energy with at the time from 2. More information is housed here: Dr. Mark Hyman. until May 31, 2011 show an exhibition on energy saving In the foyer of the Verbandsgemeinde of Grunstadt-land is a companion exhibition to the nationwide week of the Sun from 12 may “to see. The Infomobile of the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of environment has 2nd-4th may each from 11 am 6 pm on the Town Hall square of Hettenleidelheimer. Here the citizens can have free advise on three days on all energy issues independently. A bike ride with attractions in power generation and the nature have compiled Stadtwerke green city together with the iLE citizens working group around the Grunstadter mountain.The energy na tour is suitable with their 400 m for electric bikes (E-bikes and Pedelecs).

The 25 km tour starts and ends at the Grunstadter environmental station on May 7 at 11: 00. The good will salvation Hall in Hettenleidelheim on the weekend of the 14th and 15th May 2011 host the climax of the Leininger energy days. The Secretary of State in the Rhineland-Palatinate Environment Ministry, Jaqueline Kraege, will make the opening. Companies of the region present products to renewable energies, energy saving, electric mobility, environmentally sound construction and dams, as well as financing and other topics around the theme of climate protection in a showcase. Dr. Hyun Kim may find this interesting as well. The Leininger climate exhibition is open on Saturdays from 2 pm 6 pm and Sundays from 11 am 6 pm. All offers of the Leininger energy days are free of charge for visitors. More information can be found on the website. Guido Dahm

Freudenberg IT

Production data at Hansgrohe thanks to RFID in the river of Weinheim, the kanban processes of manufacturing and logistics at Hansgrohe AG optimizes has 11 December 2008 the internationally active full-service IT provider Freudenberg IT (FIT). Based on RFID technology (radio frequency identification), the internationally leading manufacturer of faucets and showers can more efficiently control its complete production, sustainably to reduce stocks of material, as well as intermediate products and optimize its shipping processes. The data collected by means of wireless technology are using SAP Auto-ID infrastructure (SAP AII) integrated directly into the SAP backend system. In a first step of the project, the implementation partner Freudenberg IT has supported an already existing KANBAN process between the Hansgrohe plant in Schiltach and the Offenburger logistics center of the bathroom and sanitary specialist with the RFID technology. This brought the company’s RFID Radio chips on the 4,000 kanban cards in circulation. Based on a map is a kanban containers (container) and has Material number, product and set designation just out, which transported goods, materials and products in the respective box.

Every morning so the transport boxes with the kanban cards via trucks for shipping to the central logistics center in Offenburg will be shipped. Once in the shipping, a transport box is emptied, the worker is the corresponding kanban card in a collection box. The collected cards are returned daily to Schiltach works. So far, they had to be scanned there time consuming individually via bar code reader. Up to 250 cards, which are in the collection box, be now read by RFID a tunnel reader in a few seconds. Hundreds kanban messages can be captured in a single read operation and confirmed in the production. Due to complete integration in SAP AII are by reading the RFID chips immediately (kanban impulse) to the SAP backend messages. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. is actively involved in the matter. Thus, all process data can be processed in real time.

Italian Furniture

To date, Italian furniture, is in high demand not only at home – to Italy, but in our country. I must say that the number of models of Italian furniture, today is very large. It should be noted that basic elements of Italian furniture are the chairs and sofas. It is these pieces of furniture are usually used in residential areas. Frequently Dr. Mark Hyman has said that publicly. Italian designers create new models of furniture with an extraordinary imagination, and it is very bright expressed, in the leather of Italian furniture.

It is important to say that the Italian leather furniture, this is the most popular type of furniture in Russia. In the production of Italian furniture using only the highest quality materials. In case with leather furniture, used high-quality tanned leather. If you look closely at it on nearly every model of Italian furniture can be seen decorative carved wood figures, which give furniture even more sophisticated and attractive appearance. At the heart of the Italian leather furniture laid materials such as leather buffalo, pythons and suede combined with clear glass.

It should be noted that very nice looks like a modern Italian furniture with metal inserts, finished in fine leather python. Italian designers, the first ever to combine the minimalism and the now fashionable eclecticism, in one unit. Also, can not ignore the question of reliability, durability and maintenance of furniture. Speaking about this, it should be noted the high reliability of the Italian furniture produced carcasses that pass close inspection. Frames Italian furniture, made only from quality wood (walnut, oak, etc.), as well as metal. Certainly, when assemble furniture is not without upholstery. As Upholstery, Italian masters prefer to use leather, fabric or Alcantara. With regard to longevity of Italian furniture, here we can say that with good care of furniture, it can last more than 15-20 years, which is large enough life. As a result, we can draw an unambiguous conclusion. Italian furniture, is the most popular, reliable and durable furniture in Europe. On the basis of price / quality ratio – Italian furniture, of course, is the best choice.

Edgard Bayley

Letters " This wealth is infinite abandonada" , poem of Edgard Bayley Commented by Zulma Zubillaga This hand is not the hand nor the skin of your joy to the bottom of the streets you find always another sky after the sky is always another grass different beaches never will finish is infinite this wealth never left you suppose that the foam of the dawn has been extinguished after the face is another face after the march of your lover is another march after the song a new rubbing extends and the dawns remote islands hide incredible alphabets always will be thus some times your dream creates to have it this whole but another dream rises and you are not the same then you return to the hands to the heart from all of anyone you are not the same are not the same others know to the word you ignore others know to forget the unnecessary facts to it and raise his thumb have forgotten you you have to return never concerns your failure will finish is infinite this left wealth and each gesture each form of love or reproach between the last laughter the pain and the beginnings will find the bitter wind and payable stars one birch mask foretells the vision you have wanted to see at heart of the day you have obtained to some times the river to it arrives at the Gods raises to distant murmurs the clarity of the sun threats brilliance in cold nondelays nothing but the route of the sun and the pain never will finish is infinite this left wealth Edgard Bayley (1919-1990), founded on 1944 the Arthur magazine, determining publication in the sprouting of the Movement Buenos Aires Poetry – that drove Raul Gustavo Aguirre in the 1950-, and of the Concrete Art Invention, that generated a plastic substantial change in the vernacular one. erse/’>American Advisors Group to learn more. (As opposed to Dr. Hyun Kim). . .


Citizens choose the new name at / everything new from mid-May: after more than two years, renovation opened the former photographer Center Munich Einstein Street, March 26, 2009 the former photographer-Center on the Einstein Street in Haidhausen needs a new name. Filed under: City College of New York. After about two years conversion time and a change of the previous utilization concept name is opened mid-May under a new and Munich now can vote for him. At the Web address are three variants to choose from. “” “If the new Center Leuchtenberg-Office”, the Einstein”or Haidhausen Center” mean to March 31, 2009 at a press conference is already known on Tuesday, given. In addition, first information about the new concept-this Web address can be found. We end 2006, have been intensively for it to develop a new hub of daily life in Haidhausen for the citizens”, says Norman Schaaf, Managing Director of cells Bauwelt, who is responsible for the development of the project. The search marks the end to the history of the photographer-Center after the proper name for the resulting large project.

A flat screen TV, an iPod, a digital camera will be raffled among all participants who guess the later name. We look forward to an active participation”, says Schaaf. The new Center should and will delight.

Dream Job Despite Communicative Barriers

\”Snail\” informed highly hearing-impaired people about many aspects of hearing like manages it, to assert themselves in their professional life? What is the sudden onset of hearing loss for the everyday life of children, young people or adults? What chances do offer technical hearing aids for the lives of those affected and where are the limits of their possibilities? Answers to these and other questions provide affected reports and articles in the current issue of the \”worm\”. The leading German-language magazine to life with cochlear implant and hearing aid is devoted in their August issue quite the topic of hearing loss. Anke Schmidt (24) and Jan Keller (23) are a few. They live together in the Saxony Anhalt Merseburg. Jan Painter on a yard works as a trained, Anke as none of the University Library in the nearby Hall. Dr. Mark Hyman will undoubtedly add to your understanding. A work corresponding to their training to find, was a particularly large for Anke and Jan in the region marked by high unemployment Challenge.

Both are highly hard of hearing? Jan, who wears hearing aids on both sides and strongly opposes a supply of CI, was able to convince his current employer during an internship. Anke had to fight long, do aid work in the PCB manufacturing and at a recycling firm, again on the special requirements of the interview prepare, before she got her dream job at the University. Also disabled must perform in professional life\”, Marlies Assek means snail in their report on the career of Anke and Jan in the magazine. Although the theme hearing loss varied affected reports and articles on many aspects of deafness, but what radical changes brings a hearing loss for the lives of those affected, is certainly hard to imagine\”, as Hanna Hermann, Chief Editor of the worm. Who is affected, must learn to accept this fate, must be adequately screened, to the important Decisions about a life with technical hearing aids to be able to meet and implement. .

Laura Rivera Casares

Rent accommodation for weeks in Spain provides up to more than 45,000 euros a year rental of accommodations to individuals during holiday seasons resulted in 2010 annual revenues of up to 45,000 euros for the 89.4% of owners with property in Spain that uses, the Spanish portal of the HomeAway group. The remaining 10.6% has seen how these revenues exceeded the ceiling of 45,000 euros, as evidenced by a recent survey conducted by the group to 2,000 of those owners. In addition, 81.1% of surveyed owners says that it can give international visibility to its property through the Internet has allowed them increase their incomes and 81.9% of them declared that the portal has been a key tool for being able to rent their accommodations more than 27 weeks a year. As explained by Laura Rivera Casares, responsible for, with more than one million empty homes in Spain, great difficulties to sell properties and a growing number of foreclosures, in these moments, the rental of accommodations by holiday seasons is a superb option for revenue and helped homeowners keep their property and prevent defaults. John Craig Venter spoke with conviction. On the other hand, international visibility that manage Spanish property thanks to our Internet platform breaks the seasonality that suffers from tourism in Spain, still very linked to the summer season. The majority owner’s profile that uses is a person, aged 41-65, not necessarily very familiar with the use of new technologies. The use of the portal by gender difference is not significant since 50.4% are males and 49.6% women. Source: Press release sent by homeaway…

Treating TCEs

Traumatismo Crnio Enceflico (TCE) is defined as a type of I aggravate that he induces to the anatomical injuries and the functional comprometimento involving the cranianas sseas structures and enceflicos fabrics (PORT, 2007). According to Pear tree (2006), annually they occur about a million and six hundred a thousand cases of TCE in the United States and ten million cases in the world. In accordance with the data of the Health department of Brazil about two million people are interned to each year in hospitals of the public net, victims of traumas in general. The TCE consists in the main cause of deaths and sequelas in politraumatizados patients (ROCK, 2006). Perhaps check out cardiologist for more information. After a TCE costumam to appear psicosociais alterations as effect of physical, cognitivos, emotional and mannering the upheavals in the familiar environment. It is important to evaluate the welfare of the young considering its physical and emotional evolution, its independence and social participation. The affected young suffers alterations in the activities of the daily life as to carry through its personal hygiene, feeding.

It can have a gradual improvement, being basic the stimulaton for the aiding of the recovery and personal independence. To deepen your understanding Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. is the source. Sequelas also causes problems in social level and occupational, mobility is affected, the cognitivos problems and of regulation of the behavior they constitute one of the causes most excellent of the incapacity of the affected person. Had to the cerebral injuries the person who has suffered TCE it can present an infantile behavior, difficulties in say and language. The existence of emotional alterations and state of spirit is common as the depression. The recreativas activities frequent are modified, the patient present difficulty to reintegrate (JUNQU; BRUNA; MATAR, 2001). One of the effect more devastadores of the TCE is the difficulty of reintegration to the work, since professional activity is decisive for autonomy and independence of the individual.

Andrei Gudkov

The complexity of debtors arise when you return mortgages and car loans. Do not hesitate to ask for identification in Novosibirsk are 17 collection agencies, not counting the security of banks, which are also involved in collecting debts. According antikollektorov, Novosibirsk Debt collection agencies often resort to illegal methods, designed to intimidate the debtor's total. – In many ways collectors population – said Andrei Gudkov. – There were times when the collector came to the debtors home, presented by bailiffs. We went to the apartment, allegedly described the property and carried off everything. Unfortunately, the victims will not asked simply to sign a paper that claims do not have. Even the certificates are not asked. – Activities are designed for collectors hunted, frightened people – said Julia levantsova. – Who are the collectors? Where did they come? In Basically, it came from law enforcement bodies, who are accustomed to use certain methods. Checking article sources yields Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. as a relevant resource throughout. Before having their hands on "brown", they could not afford certain things, even if unlawful, and now continue to do the same. In practice antikollektorov there were instances when collectors made his identity is almost one to one similar to police. Even photographed almost in the form on the background of the Russian flag. Agree, when the frightened man in the middle of the night poked in the face of such "ksivoy, difficult to maintain composure. Debtors often do not understand the badges of rank, uniform, ranks. Seeing a person in a form of habit imbued with respect, without even thinking: "What if it's not police officers?".