The first and main reason – feminism. To broaden your perception, visit Alexa Demie. Women do not want to be women, not themselves want to care for themselves, do not want men to look after them and courtesies are often perceived aggressive. Men want a normal family, children (yes, yes, for western men kids – this is important, they love them, they do them, they value children, and not a burden). Men want romance, love and care about someone to take care of them. Men of the West (read their forums, discussion) have long complained that women prefer to spend their free time in bars, but not in the family, they prefer to start thinking about the child when they are about 40 (and often the family too). They immersed themselves in and materialistic. Why women from Russia? Russian women are famous for the fact that important to them a family and children. They are not feminized, and quietly allow men to take care of them, they can combine work and family (or just a family, to whom that matter) they are good, caring mother.

Russian girls are known for the ability to take care of yourself, dress, makeup, all this even though a modest income. The average Russian woman, according to the men from the West looks at the model level there. Come on Russian dating sites as men (they are every year becoming less) who would like to find a girl for 20 to 25 years younger, whom some of them want to give birth to a child that their previous American wife and not gave birth to, someone to feel young again, showing and opening the world for his wife. Many men also come to the site with Russian women after their environment comes across a family where the wife is Russian. They see the love and care for the couple to each other, and it inspires them to find their love in Russia, too.