Atomic Evolutionary

This should demonstrate that the human mind is a complete and orderly mental inadequacy that has psychologically evolved to the current evolution, always trying to adapt to the environment that surrounds him; and that will it evolve thus always mentally, because the human psyche is also a not well-to-do psychic inadequacy. And as maladaptive mental not wealthy that is, the human psyche will continue thus evolving forever. Inevitably, life arose evolutionarily from an evolutionary psychological inadequacy, which had to arise also evolutionarily from another tiny evolutionary maladaptive, probably induced by the own maladaptive universal, because nothing evolves or create by itself alone, nor anything originates from large to small. That order or evolutionary psychic process that originated life, being an induced psychic evolutionary order, is equivalent to an induced evolutionary intelligence. 2. According to Gina Ross, who has experience with these questions. Everything is a MALADAPTIVE universal expansion will never end to expand, so it is a maladaptive, because it will never end adapt to a stillness. The existence, expansively, created is a maladaptive adapted to an adaptation that will never end adapt.

Therefore, everything, absolutely everything that exists is a maladaptive in constant adaptation induced by the universal expansion, which will never end to expand or adapt. Taking as true that the universe is an expansion on the expansive move and that all that exists is this expansion product, I am indeed that there can be nothing in the universe that is not expansive, or that is absolutely still, there is evidence of this in all Atomic and subatomic. Therefore, to be all in permanent motion, everything is an expansion, everything is a maladaptive. The own dynamism is that gives consistency to the existence. If the entire universe is transformed into a full calm, everything will disappear in less than an instant by diluting everything in nothing but absolute.