Boris Becker

Opening of the new body + soul Center in Brunnthal stars as like Mischa Barton and Molly Sims are you already addicted after the artistry kick from the Cirque Soleil. The ex by Boris Becker Sandy Meyer-Wolden tried the new Jukari trend exerciser at the opening of the body + soul in Brunnthal together with Magdalena Brzeska in her new Reebok outfit off. Not only Sandy Meyer-Wolden is plenty busy among other things as a guest judge in a talent show for hair stylists on VOX (source: Bild Zeitung) and as a jewelry designer, but also Boris Becker, who shows with BorisBecker-TV, the behind the scenes. Boris Becker, the ex-Tennis Pro, will marry on July 12 in St. Joel Courtney wanted to know more. Moritz his girlfriend Lilly cross mountain according to the Gala. The celebration according to the Gala at the five star hotel Badrutt BBs Palace “will be held. In the ZDF in the show “Wetten, dass.?” he already announced that he will marry. More info and pictures, such as Sandy Meyer-Wolden at the opening of the body + soul in Brunnthal, see.