Day Moisture Cream SPF

Natural ingredients have a smoothing effect by aligning the texture of the face. The skin is updated through the restoration of its regenerative processes. In a series of Crystal youth anti age includes the following cosmetic Equipment: Cleansing Milk, Gentle exfoliation, mud mask, herbal tonic, Collagen Serum, Day Moisture Cream SPF 15 Gel Eye Anti-wrinkle Night Cream Phyto, Active liposomal gel Eye Gel Anti-Wrinkle, Firming anti-cellulite gel. Means a series of Crystal youth anti age can be used with 35 years of age to unlimited vozrasta.Protsedura We recommend performing the procedure, use cosmetics series Crystal youth anti age in the sequence in which are described below. Ultrasonic device is used in conjunction with Kliaton active liposomal gel and has an effect on drugs such as collagen serum, moisturizer Day (or Night nourishing cream) and Active gel.1 liposome. Cleansing Milk. Normal (mixed) skin Action: Milk removes makeup, dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of the face, neck and neck line. Cleanses pores, improves elasticity cutaneous fibers, maintains moisture balance and protects it with vitamins A, B and C.

Suitable for sensitive skin. No flavorings and allergens. Natural active ingredients: extracts of blue lotus, fig, ginseng, vitamin A. Use: morning or evening massage in a circular motion in the direction from the center outwards clean face, neck and neck line. Precautions: Use exactly as prescribed, following the instructions for use.

Not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Fat (problem) The procedure is similar to the skin, as well as for normal (mixed) skin.