Doctor Suffer

Knowing all this, not be the because, when they do fashion shows, do not represent all kinds of people, who make up the society. If you did that, you recede to those poor girls of these complex cursed and would help them much in their lives. These adolescents are not yet formed as women and copied everything you see, and if what they see is be thin, all want to be him, even if it costs him life in the attempt. I think that there must be hidden interests, but I don’t understand the by that do not. Raquel went from being a healthy, handsome and cheerful, girl to a very different one that was sick, sad and not wanting to live. His mother to see how thin that was staying, began to worry about her and also suffer for her. A mother when she sees a child suffer, suffer as he, or maybe more. Her mother took her to the doctor and diagnosed with anorexia principle.

He was staying as commonly stated in the bones. Treatment of the doctor wasn’t the desired effect, not is it taking, so that the food, nor is it ate. His mother seeing the problem instead of fixing, worsened, returned it to bring to the doctor and it was entered. Thanks to the tremendous love and care from their mothers, they could save your life. Raquel was gradually picking up weight and her smile returning to his face, his self-esteem was coming again in his mind and his zest for life were coming, full of beautiful colors. Raquel had had luck in this battle, others many unfortunately do not and their parents, carry them bouquets of flowers.