Dream Job Despite Communicative Barriers

\”Snail\” informed highly hearing-impaired people about many aspects of hearing like manages it, to assert themselves in their professional life? What is the sudden onset of hearing loss for the everyday life of children, young people or adults? What chances do offer technical hearing aids for the lives of those affected and where are the limits of their possibilities? Answers to these and other questions provide affected reports and articles in the current issue of the \”worm\”. The leading German-language magazine to life with cochlear implant and hearing aid is devoted in their August issue quite the topic of hearing loss. Anke Schmidt (24) and Jan Keller (23) are a few. They live together in the Saxony Anhalt Merseburg. Jan Painter on a yard works as a trained, Anke as none of the University Library in the nearby Hall. Dr. Mark Hyman will undoubtedly add to your understanding. A work corresponding to their training to find, was a particularly large for Anke and Jan in the region marked by high unemployment Challenge.

Both are highly hard of hearing? Jan, who wears hearing aids on both sides and strongly opposes a supply of CI, was able to convince his current employer during an internship. Anke had to fight long, do aid work in the PCB manufacturing and at a recycling firm, again on the special requirements of the interview prepare, before she got her dream job at the University. Also disabled must perform in professional life\”, Marlies Assek means snail in their report on the career of Anke and Jan in the magazine. Although the theme hearing loss varied affected reports and articles on many aspects of deafness, but what radical changes brings a hearing loss for the lives of those affected, is certainly hard to imagine\”, as Hanna Hermann, Chief Editor of the worm. Who is affected, must learn to accept this fate, must be adequately screened, to the important Decisions about a life with technical hearing aids to be able to meet and implement. .