DST Health

The immediate attendance of a DST is not only one curativa action it is also an injunction of the transmission and the sprouting of others complications. Additional information at Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. supports this article. When the set appointments a consultation for another day, can occur the disappearance of the symptoms discouraging the search for treatment. As consequence, the infection can evolve for serious chronic forms and if it keeps the transmission. The wait in long lines, the agendamento for new date, the medicine lack and the discrimination and/or lack of confidencialidade are factors that they induce to the resolution search it are of the formal system of health. The open assembly time will have to be the possible minor, having to be used to advantage for accomplishment of action of education in individual and collective health, this last one through educative videos, dynamic of group, boardings of citizenship questions, among others. Anamnese of the patient, the identification of the different vulnerabilities and the physical examination must consist in the main disgnostic elements of the DST.

The attendance of the patient with DST aims at to cure the possible infections, to cease the symptoms, collaborating to prevent happened complications of (s) the DST and to interrupt the transmission chain. Therefore, an only consultation must provide diagnosis, treatment and aconselhamento, beyond the access to the insumos of prevention, when necessary. The laboratoriais examinations must be harvested in the same chance, whenever possible, but the behavior does not have to be delayed waiting its results. The laboratoriais examinations, when carried through, go to confirm the adequacy of the prescribed treatments, to contribute in the monitoring of the etiolgico profile of the different clinical syndromes and sensitivity to praised medicines. It is necessary to establish a reliable relation between the nursing and the individual to guarantee the quality of the aconselhamento process and the adhesion to the treatment and the service. For in such a way, it is necessary to assure an environment of privacy for the consultation, time and internal availability of the nurse for the dialogue, assuring for the customer the confidencialidade of the information. 2.7 PRENATAL They exist currently many programs directed toward the assistance to the gestante adolescent, with the objective to prepare it for the childbirth and the maternity.

In general way, the model consists of continued accompaniment of the adolescents for teams to multidiscipline, involving social doctors, nurses, assistants, psychologists and nutritionists, under the form of individual attendance and group. The objective of the prenatal one is to assure that the pregnancy transcorra without intercorrncias and finishes with the birth of a healthful baby, without the comprometimento of the health of the adolescent, in all its aspects. The prenatal assistance must be carried through by professionals qualified, capable to establish a bond with the gestante, so that it understands the necessity of accomplishment of the examinations, the attendance to the consultations and, in last instance, to assume the commitment of its proper care. The prenatal one must start more early possible so that the prophylactic measures have effectiveness. The general physical examination and the specialized one can detect subclnicas illnesses not diagnosised making possible opportune treatment, preventing complications previously. In the gestation the adolescents costumam to be more receptive the orientaes of health. Many times this is first contact with a health service.