Elite Varieties

White tea was so named because of the silvery fibers, which are on the back of the leaves. When tea leaves, these hairs are preserved. This is different, and white tea from other species. There are four This type of sophisticated and unique tea beverage. But of these only two are the most high-grade – is Silver Needles and White Peony. Read additional details here: Dr Jee Hyun Kim. Of these two kinds of tea in the best tea is Silver Needle.

This tea produced from the buds and young leaves unblown. This tea drink has a sweet taste and fresh aroma. Collect material for this tea are only a few days a year, before leafing. Another Tea – White Peony is made even from the young leaves, but it does not make him have such a refinement, although the taste and aroma of this tea is much more powerful than the first. This makes it more understandable for people who do not know white tea. Tea Gift Ideas Eyebrows Eyebrows and Longevity are low-grade white teas and are made from broken leaves, which remained after making tea Silver Needle and White Peony. These teas are much stronger and closer to green teas.