Emotional Abuse

The vast majority of humans have suffered, at some point in our lives, some forms of violence. It seems that violence is associated with bumps and bruises, otherwise we call, "bad mood", "evil genius" or "bad manners." The abuse or verbal violence is a constant that is very often live in households, and therefore, in the relationship. The words, usage, tone and context of these have significant impact on relationships. When these words lead to abuse, to scrubbing, to hurt the other, it is called violence. Of course the violence as a generic term different emotional responses, which by their nature, are intense. When we are exposed or suffer violence, generally remains an apology for the aggressor, ie: Yes, suddenly cries out, but so is he. When he gets angry, shouts and screams, says harsh words, but then you miss.

When something does not seem to stop talking to me several days, but then shows very attentive or affectionate. Abuse or verbal violence at times, can be so subtle that its ravages can only be felt in the mood. Nobody in their right mind would think that someone whom we love we may be practicing verbal violence. Verbal abuse is veiled, appears in the form of insults, irony, rejection. So our partner or ourselves, do not call it violence, but the lack of respect in public or private, are a form of abuse. Verbal abuse by their characteristics that are in darkness, in the shadows, obscured, may be subject to interpretation.