Emotional Development

The incompreenso, the ignorance, the immaturity and lack of emotional development become most likely the unhealthy love. The jealousy, the unreliability and the dependence, do not have to be entailed to the love. For the opposite, the love, must healthy, be enjoyed by centered beings, developed well and mature. Only thus, it can sentiz it without you stain and disfigurements. Some use the love as revenge chance. They are avenged of a previous suffering, that to the times, was caused by one another person, it are of a current relation, but remembering that horrible feeling of pain, now wants to avenge itself, to make another one to feel what it felt. This is a imensurvel insanity. It must not so have a wastefulness of something, nobleman, and rare scarce as the love.

To love is a privilege, is to enjoy of that many are incapable. It is to have something that many do not obtain to have. Therefore, cause queerness the fact of that many only obtain to love, when they are not loved. They only love maltreats who them. It makes to remember us the masochism, when they are felt satisfied with pain. On account of this, the reciprocal love becomes impossible, therefore they will love who they do not love them and they will reject who for them will be gotten passionate. Another harmful factor to the relationship is the existence of traumas caused for frustrated experiences, remaining pain and the fear to suffer again.

The mind and the body create a defense mechanism that goes off whenever to perceive the proximity of the danger. On account of this, few are not battleships, prisoners and armed so that never submissos are felt and displayed the domination of they outrem again. What it is not considered, is that has billions of people in this planet, and therefore, have a infinity of temperaments, personalities, souls, beings with different formations, intellect and character.