Free Multiplayer Browser Golowar Online Game

Golovar is a free multiplayer online browser game with a humorous angle, which may try to play anyone for free! In this mysterious game you please be a coach of one of you choose your character and will be involved in a great adventure … The game focuses on simple and fun gameplay protsess.Ponyatnaya in the development of combat system. Unique characters and sposobnosti.Eto first browser-based game, where your desire can change day by night, and all this affects the game is excellent and its processes persoonazhey.Esli want to be prettier, thinner and stronger, you have to train hard and to detail not to strain … And this requires resources which need to dobyvat.Kristalnye fragments – to get quick and easy like in battle or exploration, at work, and so easy gdenibud nayti.Almaznye mushrooms – a rare, but very valuable resource that can be exchanged for contraband goods, to learn new skills, buy charms, and much drugoeG-point – virtually replaces Crystal mushrooms. This is such a resource, which delivers incredible their enjoyment of the game g-pointobladatelyam. Unique characters, each with their own eccentricities and character buduut guides and trusted friends in the game world.

Features of the characters depend on the type and fraction, for which you play. The game itself does not take much time, which makes it possible to play Golovar not only at home but also in the office for a great game rabote.V graphics and texts in yumoris matic direction. In a world of almost all possible Golovar You can fight at any time of day, the main thing that rivals that found you could protivostoyat.Razvivayte – train your character, and learn new ovlodevayte abilities. Abilities depend on the weather conditions and time of day, and made a decisive advantage in battle. Golovar – 7 Mudriks planet system. Weight: – 6.9726 * October 24 kgRadius: – 7256 km Living organisms: obnaruzhenyKlass: not defined level of development: not opredelenSkanirovanie: in the west, and found southeast plemenaneizvestnyh suschestvraznyh species.