Government CPI

CPI and now, in the government, this exactly broken arregimenta soldiers, in order to form shock troop to prevent the CPI of Petrobra’s. what it is worse, is not perceived in the semblante of the Brazilians, saved some exceptions, the perplexity and indignation that such practical would have to cause. It urges to reflect itself that it is not if arguing the transparency of a private company, but of a state one, created for law, with public money, recognized for international specialists, as one of the biggest companies of the world, mxime in its branch of performance, when we know that Petrobra’s exports technology, and technology of tip, by the way. Soon, if she was this> state created with public resources, it is inferred, for what more than logical illation, that it with our resources was created, that is, with resources of the people and, in thus being, the classroom politics, mainly the government, has the obligation, and not simple college, to give accounts of the administration of the managers. Read more here: John Craig Venter. But, unhappyly, it is not this that occurs. Of a side, we see the opposition, fighting for a CPI; all good, is playing its role, however, what cause species, is that these same paladinos of the moral and justice, when they are in the party of the situation, integrate the shock troop to bar the CPI. E, of the other side we have the government and its escudeiros, trying, all the cost to bar the creation of the CPI, under the pfia justification of that the reason for such has connotation politics. from there? if to select itself that the irregularities really exist? However, independently of the reasons that alavancam the order of inquiries of this nature, the Government has obligation to select or lacks of it.