Days pass quietly, the city is still there, the leaves of the trees they populate the sidewalks, the press still highlighting cases of corruption both in the opposition, as Government, the political parties begin to believe in future elections that they loom on the horizon, the party machinery takes its steps for that all this grease for the next electoral event. Some contend that Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. shows great expertise in this. The economic crisis is still there, while common people expect their Government to take some action that will help you to cope with, the end of the consumerist euphoria that frame our lives, everything still in place or at least that make us believe. Everything is based on surviving because expect a politician to take a decision, it is as much as waiting for a miracle to occur. Politicians are not given by referred, while people have to cope with the crisis with calculator at the ready, the crisis exists, there is nothing more to see it empty which are stores, consumption has been retracted and it shows behind were the consumerist excesses. Everything remains in place while the middle class is every day more poor, the VAT hike will mark for evil, the meager pockets of pensioners, widows, unemployed, and some more that will not appoints to overwhelm the reader.

The middle class is the great paying of all State spending, several grants and everything what is payable, runs in his charge. Politicians are not reliable, go to yours as self-centered and selfish beings that don’t look at more than the interests that have one every four years. Politicians have become a big problem for today’s society, that in times of crisis, is not easy to make ends meet. While there is a growing minority that makes queues to eat hot, or stirring dustbins in restaurants survive and appease angry noises from his stomach. Politicians go to his focusing on their sorrows in their power struggles and similar things. The few entrepreneurs who are now seen as banks refuse credit to continue growing the crisis is hence hindering our existence and reminding us that skinny cows are also occasionally and that all the excesses are paid. Original author and source of the article.