If we record the past 16 years, 10 met cuartelazos: in Argentina, of Easter of 1986, then from the 3 December 1990. In Panama there was another on December 5, 1990. In Peru occurred another in May of that same year. Three coups occurred in Venezuela: of 4 February 1991, followed by that of the 27 of November 1992, and ten years later met one of opposite sign: Yankee pro of April 11, 2002 coup. In Haiti there were two asonadas, one in 1992 and another in 1994, while in Paraguay we met two, one in 1995 and another in 1999. The country where were more coups in the 20th century is Bolivia: 56 since the coup to Salamanca in 1934, in the middle of war of Chaco until 1985. Followed by Guatemala, with 36 hits, from 1944.peru, with 31, Panama, with 24 (here is posted which was, possibly, the first of this century in Latin America, because it occurred in 1902, when the members of the company which built the Canal, rose up in arms, occupied the Palace of Government and separated from Colombia, in agreement with the envoys of Roosevelt. In Ecuador are 23 riot.

Cuba had 17 until 1958, Haiti, 16 until 1995. Santo Domingo, 16, Brazil, just 10 typically Latin American coups. Chile, only had 9, Argentina, with 8 since the coup against Hipolito Irigoyen in 1930 until the last of Colonel Mohamed Seineldin in December 1991. However, between 1959 and 1969, Argentina met military approaches thirty, Mexico lived only a military coup typically putchista, in 1929.En Venezuela happened 12 blows from 1908 until November of exactly Colombia there were just 8 hits. The case of Honduras shows that today another political language is spoken and no one can invoke or cheerfully greet an unconstitutional coup. But it also shows that pathetically, beyond repudiation of individual Governments, peoples are still helpless against the powers in fact: about how many tanks of war jobs in some cities, power cut and a good media campaign remain very difficult, if not impossible, face for the big popular majorities.