HALL Concentration

The ridge cerebral lateral separates to the wolf frontal of the secular wolf, the ridge parieto-occipital separates the parietal wolf of the occipital wolf. The fifth part of the brain, nsula, cannot be seen of the surface of encfalo, for is situated in the interior of the lateral, deep cerebral fiction in relation with the wolves parietal, frontal and weather. As Guyton and Hall (1998) the ganglia of the base are an accessory motor system that functions not for if only, but always in close association with the cerebral cortex and the corticoespinhal motor system in the control of the complex standards of motor activities. The ganglia virtually receive all the signals from entrance of the proper cortex and in turn they return to almost all its signals of exit in return to the cortex. The injuries in the pale globe, frequent take the reptao movements spontaneous of one of the hands, an arm, the neck or the face, movements called atetose.

An injury in sublamo takes many times the ample movements since the root of the entire member, a condition called hemibalismo. According to Guyton and Hall, (1998) many areas of the formation of the bulb, bridge and mesencfalo control different autonmicas functions, as the arterial pressure, cardiac frequency, gastrintestinais secretion grandulardo gastrintestinal treatment, peristaltismo, contraction would urinaria of the bladder. Having as controlled more important factors for the cerebral trunk, the arterial pressure, cardiac frequency and the breath. The sanguineous flow cerebral this highly related to the cerebral metabolism. Three different metabolic factors have powerful effect in contro0le of the sanguineous flow, the concentration of carbon dioxide, ons of hidrognios and the concentration of oxygen. An increase of the concentration of carbon dioxide or of ons of hydrogen raises the cerebral sanguineous flow, while the reduction of the oxygen concentration increases flow (GUYTON; HALL, 1998). For Guyton and Hall (1998) the likeable stimulation cause excitatrios effect in some agencies and inibitrios in others.