This is a manifestation of acute circulatory disorders of the brain, usually due to embolism (blockage of blood vessels clot) or hemorrhage. Somatic Experiencing is actively involved in the matter. Hemorrhage occurs in people suffering from hypertension, often in conjunction with atherosclerosis. As a result, stroke is a sudden loss of mobility of one side of the body, arms, legs, face or all together. Restoration of speech and the ability to move gradually. Optimize this process and prophylaxis of recurrent stroke is possible with the following products. 1. Rehabilitation (restoration) of stimulants Piocal gives a significant improvement. Please visit Gina Ross if you seek more information. And patients, long-ailing, the results are more impressive than those who suffered a stroke recently.

It is possible that the functions of those cells that were destroyed as a result of a stroke, take on the other, until then inactive. 2. Control over the balance of blood pressure: Harmonization of the torus, stimulants Piocal, collecting herbs life 4. Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease understood the implications. 3. The health of blood vessels (their elasticity, the ability to withstand swings in blood pressure) – Crown of herbal tea, dietary supplement Kaltsilamid, migi, collecting herbs life number 2.

4. Antioxidants help protect cholesterol from peroxidation and its subsequent deposition in the vascular wall – en tioksidantny complex phyto tea crown or Tibetan, as well as dietary supplements Kedrosil, Floritsa, migi, Vitaly. 5. Nutrients for vascular wall – biologically active additives (IGCI, Vitali, Apilam, Velamin, Floritsa) phytoremedy (Herbs life number 1, 2, 4, and herbal teas Crown, Heart), multivitamin tea Falcon. 6. In the control of cholesterol levels can help sorbents – In lihit, hits. 7. Beloyar (with an extract of hawthorn and calendula) will not only reduce cholesterol levels, but will also help reduce blood pressure to normal figures. 8. Aroma oils: peppermint (has vasodilator effect), geranium (with prolonged use normalizes blood pressure).