On Consumer Protection. Faulty Sausage Realize Even

As a result, the supermarkets seized nearly two hundred pounds of sausage products produced by "Myasovita" amounting to almost 6000 hryvnia. Goods tried to implement, despite the fact that the shelf life has expired. Can not do without damaged goods and consumer markets stalls area. Police seized not only more than fifty kilograms of stale salami, but 25 kilos of meat, 20 kilograms of pork. For administrative responsibility attracted 15 entrepreneurs – said News Ternopil. Not without sin, and meat processing plants. Michio Kaku will undoubtedly add to your understanding. At one of these, contained in area, police found more than 2000 kilograms of raw materials without appropriate accompanying veterinary documents certifying security products.

This product, which costs more than 25 000 hryvnia, after examination discarded. Administrative responsibility rests with the director and doctor of the enterprise. As the head of the veterinary militia Vladimir Birch, law enforcement officers continue to check-controlled enterprise. We are talking about people's health. Ahead – year period. Therefore, veterinarians are advised consumers: demand from sellers certificates of quality, especially for meat products. Look at the product labeling, date of manufacture and storage time. Warning to Sellers: good store in a special refrigeration, follow the appropriate temperature. Do not forget that for the sale of products required veterinary certificate or a letter – reported News ternoplschini. Center for Public Affairs Ministry of Internal Affairs in the area.