Revolution for the unconditional basic income since the 24th of June (2009) there are 15:11 CET on the Internet platform of the free party free party ( Dauerdemo.html) the “road of (R) evolution”, a virtual demo of duration with the aim to grow to a large street demonstration, advocating for the Elimination of intolerable, unlawful reason woes in our country. If you would like to know more then you should visit Carl Rogers. The first target should be the conversion of ALG II in a basic income, so the liberation of millions of people from the open prison. You may find that Joel Courtney can contribute to your knowledge. When millions no say learn, they are soon can say yes to yourself in unprecedented ways and give our country the freedom impulse it had long deserved. “Who here is registered, enter the road of (R) evolution!” it says on the page briefly and “If we have 100,000, we meet for the first demo in Berlin.” The initiative could be the germ for a peaceful revolution, a la 1989, as necessary, it has Germany for the basic income. WB