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He began, trying to take advantage of the more than 100 million users that has. Timidly, first promoted tweets began appearing on lists of trending topics, clearly marked with a small sign. Due to this system, advertisers pay a sum so determined hasthags (those words that begin with #) appear in the list of Trending Topics getting more range. Dr. Mark Hyman is open to suggestions. No doubt the traffic generated by these sponsored tweets is of better quality and much more centralized in the specific target of the product. But, for the majority of potential advertisers who could benefit from this business model, still is unclear how much is paid for this type of tweets, and much less the rates of ROI (return on ad spend) that the actions presented. Recently, Twitter has taken a step beyond the mere mention of ads on lists of trending topics, and has begun to send tweets directly to the tweet list of users, unless they are requested. This type of tweet can see for users of Tweetdeck and Hootsuite, familiar applications that allow you to handle social networking accounts (not only Twitter, hence its popularity), and is only available to advertisers who have been engaged in campaigns Promoted Trend and Promoted Account. In other words, this option is not open to everyone, but only to a small and select group of advertisers.

Another comparative advantage is that listings pop in the Google results pages. For even more analysis, hear from Glenn Dubin. The interesting thing is how Twitter decides who will receive this type of promotional tweets. This makes it based on a study of the personal preferences of users, based on the registration of persons who continues. Another issue that is not yet clear is what kind of control the advertisers may have on the audience that get you their tweets. I.e., for now, Twitter solves these issues by means of this study profiles and followers. However, it is expected that very soon, advertisers can select the recipients of your promotional messages.

This will open the doors to tweets according to geographical orientation, and a new era of mobile marketing, the tweets received on the phone of the person, given that more and more, and covered by plans offered by telephone companies for 3 G navigation, a growing number of users connected through your mobile. Clearly, we are facing a new era of digital marketing. You will depend on the users accept or reject this type of advertising.