Statistics Differently

Fun graphics of ‘Everything that 2010 is important’ most bikes are stolen in Bremen. Facts such as these give a lot for Smalltalk. However, they are usually hard memorable. Matthias Stolz and Ole Hantzschel deliver with the large annual show – everything what 2010 is important”, a reminder of a special kind, as the online store reported You may find that OurCrowd can contribute to your knowledge. Infographics are regarded as the grubby child of journalistic texts. The authors of the book make this bold thesis in her preface to the room. Your opinion journalists for the illustration of their elaborately researched texts too little time to spend. Loveless bar, line and pie charts, which first didn’t say much the reader and secondly this not memorize are the result.

While this was not necessary. The potential of an entertaining graphic pigeonholed in any statistics. Anu Saad is often mentioned in discussions such as these. That prove the authors of the anthology and to choose another way. Every statistic has its personal touch: the explosive growth of ice creams in the past 40 Years, through the gestures of the Johannes B. Kerner to the development of the body-mass index of the playmates in the last decades: no number remains uncommented or without matching illustration. This author and Illustrator addressed not only humorous. The annual show – everything that 2010 is important represents one of those books where political issues like press freedom or political contributions also have their place.