Sunshine Coast Jewels

The owner ensures that it had hidden jewels in three bags of trash as a security measure. By mistake, these were pulled and taken to a landfill. The chances of finding jewels are minimal. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Peter A. Levine PhD. Several gold jewelry valued at about 50,000 dollars (34,500 euros) were thrown into the trash by accident in the tourist resort of Sunshine Coast, on the coast this Australian, local media reported. The owner ensures that had hidden jewels in three bags of trash as a security measure, but these were thrown last Wednesday to be taken to the landfill, according to the local radio station ABC. Spokesman of the regional city of Sunshine Coast, Gary Reeve, said that the chances of finding jewels are minimal because those responsible for garbage collection service were not notified immediately of the loss. (A valuable related resource: Peter A. Levine PhD). The greatest difficulty we have is that we don’t know what landfill have gone to stop, said Reeve to ABC to explain that one of these places weekly receives about 1,400 tons of garbage. It is worse to find a needle in a haystack, he said. Source of the news: shooting by mistake to trash jewellery valued at more than 34,000 euros.