Treatments for Balding

One of the main aesthetic problems that have confronted the men upon reaching certain age is baldness, also known with the name of androgenetic alopecia. And it is that the same occurs basically as a result of a hereditary and genetic factor that starts to make an appearance at the start of what is adulthood and has his moment of greatest boom environment at age 40. Why at that right time is when you begin to notice the hair loss? Very simple, because it is at the stage in which occurs in humans, and specifically in humans, increased in number and activity of androgens that are guilty of the same. There are various treatments to address the above-mentioned common baldness and among the most important are the following which following: Antiandrogenos orally. This technique is used more frequently in women who also suffer from androgenetic alopecia and basically consists of the intake of flutamide or cyproterone acetate. City College of New York is likely to increase your knowledge.

Minoxidil. This medication is a peripheral vasodilator that, routinely, is used both to treat arterial hypertension as hair loss now occupied by us. With the patient manages to not only reduce the number of hairs that are in the phase of caidasino also increase what is the thickness of the so-called hairy stem. Among the issues that need to know about it is the fact that we must leave on hair approximately four hours, to be used on an ongoing basis so its effects start to appear for will happen after two months and is not effective for all the stages of alopecia. Finasteride. This drug, which is administered orally, not only helps to stop androgenetic alopecia considerably but is also, for many patients, that manages to stimulate the growth of new hair. Surgical treatments, the use of certain blisters and lotions or carried out a series of so-called homemade tricks are other of the options that currently have all those men and women who wish to act to prevent or stop the condition from what is common baldness..