Knowing The Life

The Life, is hidden in the streets, hidden in the people, dumb in posts, as soon as illuminated by undernourished centers, to walk by them, it is to discover it, in the walls, the cement, the Market, the Church, the corner, the holdups, in the buses, sometimes does not enter the University, escapes of the stages and vague by the parks, gets dressed paupers, blind, passers-by, pedestrian, son, father. Don Pedrito, decided to teach to its children, in the streets the value and the risks of the Life a day anyone, Pedro Don Pedrito, Took from the hands, To its daughters and children, Crossed the avenue and he went into In hostile streets, were With aloof glances, false Smiles, cold Chests. Pedestrian Bridges climbed, Joined their passages To quick steps, were crossed rictus bitter, Expensive severe, tumefactos Andares tired, Fingers, hypocritical Teeth hidden Oases. They paused In the corner, Marched past empty Stomachs, been Openhanded, bitter Insomnia, false Weeping, luxurious Cars, Orondos gentlemen, empty Wallets. In the infinite Stars Blinked, and in the Earth the children saw, easy Precipices, utopian Tops, small Plateaus, impossible Oases, dangerous Valleys.

Seated in the park the children they contemplated, Paupers, pious Very devout women, aggressive Police, solitary festive Small birds, Virgencitas. Peter A. Levine PhD is often quoted on this topic. In the Kiosco Of the corner, Their ojitos everywhere read invisible Accidents, Murders without mercy, Politicians corrupt Governing shoplifters, Heroes, False epnimos, catched Rats, Putas interviewed, Civil servants ruffians. In the Church They share armchair, Next to bodies Without soul, Say, Parents Forgotten ours, Next to old woman and sparrows. The University has closed Its doors, the Vagan students. The unions Shout In the streets. The Combis, the Couster Atropellan With impunity, the firemen Extinguishes Fires. In the Stage the equipment Always loses.

The scared teat Full the cinemas, the evangelical ones Shout what they do not feel. They walk by Markets, With lungs That escupen blood, With throats That expelen insults, With Multparas uteri, Prolapsadas vaginas, Infected children. From return To house, They whistle the bullets, They sack the pockets, They fall the Inert men in the sidewalk, Escape criminal, They cry the orphans, They shout orates Ladran the dogs, Hands that ask, Heard that does not hear Blind that sees Exhibit their jars, Plegarias in flight, God that do not listen, Run the children Don Pedrito Cierra the door, Grows silence, Grows the fear, Sleep the children Cry the children, Consoles the father, the Life follows the Life teaches, the Life scares Is the Life.

The Chest

To include a series of jumps in each of his circuits in the future and you will feel and see the difference. 2. Sentadillas and the thrusts You can be thinking that this is a repetition of the jump exercises, but it is not it. First of all, the jumps from sentadilla and thrust can be done in a single sense, whereas there is one series of thrusts and variations of exercises squatting that can realise. A small sample is: sentadillas of side, the inverse thrusts, is squat, sends a reverence, lance of rotation, etc the majority of these exercises cannot be done with jumps. Exercises of sentadillas, except the jumps, can and it is due to make with mancuernas or the weights to increase the intensity of the exercises. Thirdly, some of the best exercises of the fat burning fire are combination exercises.

I am speaking of exercises like thrusts with curl of biceps or sentadillas with press of shoulders. These are, in fact, two exercises that become in a single movement. That they use to more muscles and they burn faster fat. 3. Pushing exercise Approach in the chest These are all the exercises of push and all the objectives estan in the chest like their main forces. Within the framework of his corporal routine of exercises, It is necessary to include some exercises of push. These work a great amount of muscular mass in the chest, trceps and shoulders.

You can change to his exercises pushing with diverse squeezes, in a slope or the position of reduction, and, by all means, not to change the selection of the specific exercises from an exercise to another one. 4. Back approach The end of type of greasy ardent exercise is the one that most of puts the attention in muscles of the back.