Proper Storage And Care Of Jewelry

Jewelry related to the category of costume jewelry – a relatively inexpensive way to diversify your daily look and give it a stylistic perfection. However, despite their simplicity, they require no less careful relations than expensive jewelry. Yes, and quality costume jewelry is pretty decent money and would be very unreasonable to leave it without due care. A few tips on this subject will help you save for a long time attractive appearance of your jewelry. Keep jewelry to be in a separate box, away from the expensive jewelry. If you have in your arsenal is the product of different materials, metal things are best kept separately, glass, plastic and wood can be put together. The main enemy of the alloys of which made jewelry, water and sunlight. Such products can not be washed and be dried at high temperature.

Exposure to the sun and air can lead to darkening of the metal due to oxidation processes, but these effects can be significantly slowed if the metal costume jewelry store in tightly closed opaque box. Box better positioned in a dry place, because high humidity can also affect the metal. Avoid contact with the surface of various chemicals. In addition to alcohol, which can be time occasionally wipe bow earrings, no other liquid is better not to apply because you risk to cause serious damage if you do not know exactly what an alloy used in manufacturing. This is especially true of caution As various kinds of solvents.

If you need to clean the jewelry, do it with a dry soft flannel without additional funds. However, if the product is still dark, on the surface appeared greenish coating or top coating starts to flake off, throw away without regret this little thing. Oxide formed on the surface of the product may have adverse effects on the body, and in some cases can cause local irritation of the skin. It is foolish to skimp on health, because in the end, it's just costume jewelry, which means you can afford an infinite variety of models for relatively little money.

Physiological Needs

The human being is their nature and distinction in the contradictions that arise based on their physiological and social needs. He is a born individualist, selfish to do just for the sake of itself and then consider the rest, but is a dependent person's need for life in society and the aberration that feels the same loneliness and lack of relation to other individuals. From the moment we are born, humans physiologically and emotionally dependent on the society around us, but our participation in social groups is reduced to the family. As we grow, relationship factors are becoming increasingly large, thus increasing the number of individuals with whom we have direct and reciprocal influence. Hear other arguments on the topic with OurCrowd. The basis of this need is, first, of life, because being so small we can not survive alone, but there is one aspect that makes this need to stay throughout life, even when it does not through the survival of the individual: social identity.

If the person is a social identity means that for certain aspects is one of the groups that surround it, and to their environment and common interests that can be found in it. There are strict characteristics that identify it as a member of society and is directly influenced by the social conflicts that arise throughout their existence as long as part of the same culture and society. Being isolated, just do not form a shared consciousness or culture, because we ourselves do not take up issues of where to build it.