Education In Chinese Universities

If we talk about Chinese universities, life in them has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. Complexes of buildings – campuses – small isolated residential areas of the city. Here is everything you need for learning and for life. This is a post office and shops (food and manufactured goods), a bookstore, shoe repair shops and clothing, and even small special stock markets. Many universities are located on the outskirts of the city picturesque corners of China's nature. Today, in each of the provinces have their own schools (medical, technical colleges, teacher training colleges – the university and institute).

Institutions (as a division of the University) offer for study programs in more narrow specialization, and universities – programs general. Faculties in universities about the same as in Russia and CIS countries. But there are faculties, which our universities have not. For example, the departments political science and political education, of scientific socialism, economic management, and others. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn by clicking through. Deserves special attention the development of scientific and research projects on the basis of high school. In China, there is no such institution, which would not have had his magazine. And most of them have their own publishing house.

Chinese students regardless of specialty study four compulsory subjects: the history of Chinese revolution, scientific socialism, philosophy, and political economy. In recent years, increased ties with other countries and students from China can communicate with their peers. Only 20-30 years ago about this, they could just dream of. Also, in recent years has increased the quality level students, their suchzhi.