Greek Argentina

With this vision the AFP people agree, for those who the European plan from support to Greece failed at the time of tranquilizing the markets. And in the middle of as much uproar, Fitch has given Friday him, a new blow from knock-out to Greece the past reducing the qualification of its debt in two levels, BBB+ to BBB-, locating it with negative perspective. the bet of Europe failed spectacularly and the scaling of the yield of the Greek obligations causes that still it is more improbable that Greece can leave its budgetary black hole without effective aid, warned worried Nick Kounis, economist of the Fortis bank. the ghost of Argentina flies over Athens titled Digital Freedom Friday the past, when indicating that the financial position of Greece is worse than registered in Argentina at that time, as they indicate to Peter Boone and Simon Johnson, analysts of Financial Times, and investigators of London School of Economics and the MIT Sloan School, respectively . Greece much more is become indebted, is competitive much less and needs a fiscal adjustment and wage proportionally superior, affirmed the analysts consulted by Digital Freedom in the comparison with the situation of Argentina in 2001. To continue reading – INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY – the Euro it will continue falling But there are alternatives of investment in Wall s$street that will let grow their patrimony in this year. The actions with strong bullish potential of 2010 are here.

Medical Mediation

The new website of the doctor placement which honorary doctors and practice agencies is online. Gina Ross describes an additional similar source. The honorary physician recruitment agency is online! Now rapidly growing doctor shortage – particularly in rural areas and in East Germany – many physician offices, long time remain unfilled. Company founder Dr. Tobias Forschner and Sven Konzack describe the medical care in some areas as desolate. The shortage of doctors and the increasing migration of health professionals represents a great danger for an undersupply of patients.

To counter this situation, has become the system of representation of doctors as a temporary doctor on a fee basis developed. “, says Farooqui. The need for freelancers demonstrably increases in recent years. Medical staffing is increasingly accepted at clinic managers and practice leaders as well as the accident and enjoys increasing popularity. Where previously the loan doctor as extraordinary Hummingbird was seen, is today the honorary doctor an important pillar in everyday life and of clinics and practices recognized. “, so Candice.

The status of honorary doctor many doctors offers a genuine alternative to migration abroad or the complete, partly accidental exit from the medical existence (E.g. changes to pharmaceutical companies, publishers, etc.). There are physicians who come back from abroad, some retirees, or doctors who want to work only on a part-time basis but also as honorary doctor. It is therefore a great potential of competent medical worker – what is however today unfortunately is not yet fully exploited, there’s still some doctors don’t know little of the possibility of the honorary doctor activity or shy away from working as a honorary doctor. The work as a honorary doctor not only leads to the improvement of knowledge and skills, but also to significantly enhance of the income. Forschner and Candice highlight: we want to necessarily keep the doctors in Germany. The expertise should not emigrate”. Representing doctors and representing doctors work short, medium or long term at medical institutions or private individuals. Honorary doctors are used as practice representation, in clinics or hospitals, nursing homes and also in hotels, gyms or for event organizers or travel groups. Honorary doctors can come to bridge when vacancies, the expansion of the range of treatment or discharge of own staff in the implementation of the working time act to use as vacation or illness representations. Company founder Sven Konzack, who is also co-founder of personnel, has provided a platform on the legs together with Dr. Tobias Forschner, which provides large scale representation of doctors on a fee basis. “Sven Konzack explains: the innovative Internet platform under is realized by complete digital data processing, shall be an optimal and above all immediate cut for employers and employees.” Employers register at and Workers directly over the Internet and without registration on. DocTime24 finds the perfect combination for the right compartment, the right time and the right place. Furthermore, negotiations are offered by physicians in permanent positions. “Farouk again puts it in a nutshell: DocTime24 brings together physicians and doctors who want to work as a freelancer or permanently looking for a permanent position, as well as contracting authorities who are looking for a medical professional, easily.” Candice Sven

Medical Directories

Very often the addresses, demand for Lauderdale doctors and clinical facilities. is one of the leading gay scene catalogues for the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. For more information see SKDKnickerbocker. More than 7200 detailed addresses with road map from the areas of clubs, sports, gastronomy, help and advice as well as youth groups and venues showing the way for the Gay Community. Very often the addresses, demand according to the operator, Lauderdale doctors and clinical facilities. More than 1.2 million views show the high demand for information in the month the Gay Community in all aspects of daily life. A discussion forum that is individually assigned to each entry, collects additional information and opinions for each entry. Updates often performed Notes users: fast and easy every day send the gay-SZENE.NET – editors to examine numerous corrections and additions. The addresses of gay-friendly doctors are especially in demand according to the operator.

For many visitors the doctor Gay scene is very helpful when the doctors show up on your lifestyle. Jan Tretter reported from the editorial staff: “the most requests for information concerning the still little numerous addresses of gay-friendly doctors. Thereby, all disciplines are sought psychologist to the orthopedists. In some regions, such as Wuppertal, Basel or Vorarlberg, even not a single doctor is.” Currently, only 51 doctors and clinical facilities in the catalogue by are shown. The full entry in the gay-SZENE.NET guide with map and back link on the homepage is also in the future fully free of charge.

In particular the completeness and up-to-dateness of addresses and detailed descriptions of the specific services of the provider the operators is important. He resulting service and information for Gay Community is resulting in the Center. Physicians of all disciplines are therefore prompted by the possibility of a free entry of your practice with backlink to your own website, use to make. An entry can be done quickly and without red tape for free via the “submit” – online form. The gay scene Guide to the Internet reached under you are contact power Media ltd Karlheinz Schuler c/o Bali & Husain Marianne Street 9-10 10999 Berlin E-mail: phone: (030) 22 411 54 4 Fax: (030) 69 088 41 6 via gay-SZENE.NET of the gay gay scene catalog for the German-speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland is currently 1.2 million agreement with in the month leading since the year 2000 scene Guide for gay men. Before the relaunch as “” in 2008 was the gay City Guide for run as part of the gay online portal gay. ” The operators, a reputable, qualified environment for the range of information that is grown from the Gay Community is important. Entries in the remain free in the future in all aspects.

Health and Enzymes

One of the main components of the correct attitude to health is regular use of enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. But is there such a product, provided that it will be Natural, which contains everything? Yes, this possibly is – dietary Garant. Nutrition Guarantor consists of two kinds – extracts of fresh fruits and vegetables, and vegetable fiber-filled composition of extracts of berries, leaves and roots of various plants. Unlike many products that extraction is performed at a temperature not exceeding 45oC. In this case, is fully preserved all the natural balance, removes only the cellulose and water. Others including SKDKnickerbocker, offer their opinions as well.

As a result, one teaspoon of extract equivalent to one liter of berries, and it was fresh, not lost its miraculous properties. Enzymes to digest in the body consumed by our food should be split into proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This work is done by enzymes – protein molecules that are found mostly in raw plant foods. Enzymes are sensitive to temperatures above 47 C. Above 49 C the enzymes become inert, and at a temperature of 54 C most of the enzymes destroyed. Enzymes make the food raw, organic. The absence of such foods leads to disease. Food, devoid of enzymes, the body is perceived as a toxic product. Lack of enzymes not only impedes the process digestion, but also leads to problems such as heartburn, excessive gas, food allergies, blood clots in blood vessels (thrombophlebitis), headaches, insomnia, nervousness, fatigue, weight gain, premature aging, a decrease in resistance to various stresses.

Ancient Medicine

Balsamic-medicine of antiquity. Read more from Anita Dunn to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Many of the products from the world around us has long attracted the attention of humanity to their unusual healing properties. Since ancient times people were aware of trees and shrubs, of which at cortical lesions arise thick, tarry, with a strong specific flavor of the liquid, quickly gusteyuschie and dries the air. In the writings of Avicenna, and other eminent scientists, they were called "balm". Essential oil and tolutansky, Canadian, incense, cedar and other balms considered a magic bullet for various skin lesions, diseases of the lungs and upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract.

They are widely used for fumigation and air in order to "gentrification" of drugs that have an unpleasant odor and taste. Balms called celebrities myrrh (in Arabic "bitter") – resin kommifory plants growing in arid areas of North-East Africa, gum certain milkweed, benzoin, extracted from the bark of a tree storax the islands of Java, Sumatra, Borneo and India, is used in various religious cults. Mastic resin in a dried form were used as chewing gum to strengthen the gums and eliminate bad breath. Balsamic resin from North Africa sandarac sandarakovogo wood used in dentistry practice as a material for seals, as well as in dysentery. Balsamic resin has long been used for medicinal purposes as the outside and inside. Avicenna used sandarac for "ulcers, pimples in the lung and chronic coughing, as well as sleepiness and veins (inward and outward). In his classic work, The Canon of Medicine scientist gives a description of balm: "A strong tool for soothing a headache if they lubricate the whiskey, drops in the ears removes the ringing and noise in the ears, soothes toothache sighted, resolves the tumor and removes the tonsils pain.

The System

Clear that always there are small problemitas, but who worries about them .? The system of how to recover a lost love I transform the system is transforming the life. Appeared I to some of the great secrets on me, my pair and our relation. I know that it is certain, but when I watch backwards the life was so boring and sad. In recent months, cardiologist has been very successful. Finally I have included/understood the secret of a life happy. I feel very lucky. Before I was totally unconscious of the needs and exigencies of my pair: When I watch fodder in &quot backwards; the idiot who was " I always treated the things reason why tapeworm less interest. This system allowed to understand its mood me.

In truth " that idiot I was " The System of how to recover a lost love is an arsenal of secrets Before used to act in autopilot, did not have an idea and, finally, my relation crashed. It did not have nor idea on the handling of a relation it damages and it. This system helped to understand the problems me and also it helped to repair the damage until now me done. Those secrets are very different from the traditional approach that it is based so deeply on the unstable mind. Today I am really a different person and I enjoy a very happy life. The life that once soe If it is reading this and you face similar problems, please analyzes the System of how recovering a lost love. It worked for me and I am sure that also it will work for you, you are O-Man woman.

Why? , because I not recomendaria it if he would not have proven it same. You do not allow that the things are estresantes, painful and ugly. It is time to bring again to your pair to your life. The life is empty without the love. Revisalas now. Like recovering a lost love.

Dead Sea Salt Thyme Cream

Skin, the largest organ in the human body. Protecting the body from exposure to the outside world, she carries thermoregulation, excretory, respiratory, gas exchange and receptor function. The skin consists of 3 main layers: epidermis to be beneath the dermis and hypodermis. The epidermis – is layered, keratinizing “epithelia body from the penetration of microbes and dehydration. Dermis forms a loose connective tissue, collagen fibers, reticulin and elastin, which create a framework of skin. Ultimately, the state determines the state of the dermis and epidermis of healthy-looking skin. In today’s skin constantly exposed to external negative factors: dust, neon light, radiation from computer screens, solar radiation, alcohol, smoking, etc. Everyone wants a beautiful body.

Therefore, skin care has an important place that would get a beautiful and healthy body. What would be, beautiful and healthy body requires a daily pampering. Laboratory specialists Justrich Cosmetics developed a series of health creams based on ancient monastic recipes using medicinal plants, such as thyme, juniper, mallow, marigold, mint scented, eucalyptus, nettle, St. John’s wort, etc. With the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin, the healing creams with natural ingredients have effective impact on the processes occurring not only in skin but also in the human body. The undoubted advantage of natural cosmetics, including creams and recreation is ecologically clean raw materials and the absence of synthetic preservatives, which often cause skin irritation. Therefore, natural cream are well tolerated even by people who have sensitive, prone to allergic skin. The effect of the use of creams manifested very quickly and saved for a long time after application.

Line health Justrich Cosmetics (cosmetics for the body) is intended to “slow down” the inexorable passage of time and create the optimum conditions that allow the skin best to perform their functions. Line health before curative cosmetics, the main direction of which – the maintenance of health, youth and beauty of the body, relief of muscle pain withdrawal itching, skin inflammation and irritation, treatment of scars and burns, relief at the state upper respiratory tract diseases, prevention and slowing the aging process, preventing the development of cellulite. Line of body care products: Cream Calendula Cream Lavender Cream Cream Malva Juniper Cream Dead Sea Salt Thyme Cream Body Lotion Salvia refreshing gel (gel for the body) After Shave Gel Body Lotion Malva Almond Body Milk.

Psychological Problems

Environmental pollution has reached a peak already leading to global climate change. Destroy the old values of life, but replacing them did not come to any positive new, improved exclusion in society. The media is literally flooded the social consciousness of all violence and unhealthy relationships between people. The psyche of the people can not withstand such pressure that accompanied numerous somatic symptoms, as saying: “Where is fine – there and tear” that is, each affects the weakest systems and organs. Thus, violations of mental equilibrium cause a variety of organic disorders and diseases, and if you do not treat the cause, the treatment of organic lesions have no effect and the disease becomes chronic. Of course, you can retire to the countryside and try to get away from civilization, but is capable units. You can try to maintain health: to buy environmentally friendly food, drink clean water, physical activity, but from psychogenic factors listed anywhere or getting around it. Than the same how to treat unsound mind?

Traditionally we used to try to cope with such problems on their own. Psychoanalyst we replace the friends and acquaintances to whom we hurry to spill the goods to their problems, but it is in the best case. But, like our friends can not fully help us with the disease of spine, and it is necessary to consult a neurologist. Likewise, we need professional help for psychological upset psyche. Another “traditional” Russian way – to drown the problem in the wine, but in a modern variant – in a drugged oblivion. This is a road to nowhere, to a complete self-destruction of both physical and mental. Many believe that psychological disorders such as depression, neurosis, and it is like – will disappear after taking the medication, but it is not. Any disorder leaves a trail and not just psychological, but also quite noticeable physically. Therefore, self in such cases – it is the accumulation of health problems, which must pass from quantitative to qualitative. Parapsychologists working at the intersection of traditional psychology and parapsychology, may have real help in removing a psychological illness and the underlying reasons for their cause. If you need help, you mess up in life’s problems and troubles, you can not cope with their fears, lose the will to live – you should consult a physician. Together we can get out of the situation and revive the joy of existence and will to live and you’ll see that many of the problems only seem to be complicated, and many diseases recede.

How To Behave On The Water

Udora site gims cautions about how to behave on the water finally – the long-awaited warmth. On weekends, pulling a break from work, people and relax in nature, closer to the pond. On our planet there is always the opportunity to be in the water, because it covers 71% of the earth's surface. Therefore, the ancient Greeks believed the ability to swim in the same binding as the ability to read. However, the millennial observations show that sink in It is mainly those who can swim. And it is not strange: how could people not know how to run, jump, swim or fly, his life becomes more secure, without proper management of their capabilities. Moreover, the increase degrees of freedom leads to an increase in the degree of risk. Society rescue waters since its creation, in 1872, teaches Russian citizens in the simplest safety rules: – do not dive into unfamiliar places – does not swim for buoys – not fish out on the fairway and did not approach the courts – not to make games in the water associated with seizures – not to swim in an inflatable mattress or cameras – not to swim while intoxicated.

But in 1872 a breach of these rules remain the main cause of fatalities on the water. In Russia every year, 10-15 thousand people drown, 70 percent of adults – in a state of intoxication. In 1993 in Moscow was a cold summer and sank 294, and the hot summer drowning about 700 people.

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy – the impact on the human body permanent or variable magnetic fields to treat and prevent disease and maintain the body in tone. Instruments and applicators can magnetotherapy used to treat diseases of the whole organism, such as damage to the musculoskeletal system or -intestinal tract. Yes, electromagnetic fields and radiation in some cases harmful, dangerous and undesirable. But with them connected and the thing is very useful to humans. We are one of the rapidly developing methods of treatment – magnetic therapy. Let not confuse the presence of the name of only one component – magnetic. Separation into two components is arbitrary and in fact they (the electric and magnetic parts of the EMF) are closely interrelated. Here, more of a tradition – people much earlier learned that such a magnet and use its properties, including the healing of various diseases.

True, the path to the scientific rationale for such treatment has been long and tortuous. See more detailed opinions by reading what Peter A. Levine PhD offers on the topic.. Because magnetic fields have no color, no taste, no smell. This and some initial skepticism about their useful impact on the living organism. But as in any case, here the result is important. For example, doctors do not yet know the mechanism of therapeutic effects on the body of linden flower tea, but it did not reduce its practical significance to fight off colds, flu and sore throat. Assists – means necessary! So it is with magnetic therapy. For example, in Hunzakutskom area of China for thousands of years people live for 120 years, greatly reducing the sound health, other than heredity.