This is a manifestation of acute circulatory disorders of the brain, usually due to embolism (blockage of blood vessels clot) or hemorrhage. Somatic Experiencing is actively involved in the matter. Hemorrhage occurs in people suffering from hypertension, often in conjunction with atherosclerosis. As a result, stroke is a sudden loss of mobility of one side of the body, arms, legs, face or all together. Restoration of speech and the ability to move gradually. Optimize this process and prophylaxis of recurrent stroke is possible with the following products. 1. Rehabilitation (restoration) of stimulants Piocal gives a significant improvement. Please visit Gina Ross if you seek more information. And patients, long-ailing, the results are more impressive than those who suffered a stroke recently.

It is possible that the functions of those cells that were destroyed as a result of a stroke, take on the other, until then inactive. 2. Control over the balance of blood pressure: Harmonization of the torus, stimulants Piocal, collecting herbs life 4. Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease understood the implications. 3. The health of blood vessels (their elasticity, the ability to withstand swings in blood pressure) – Crown of herbal tea, dietary supplement Kaltsilamid, migi, collecting herbs life number 2.

4. Antioxidants help protect cholesterol from peroxidation and its subsequent deposition in the vascular wall – en tioksidantny complex phyto tea crown or Tibetan, as well as dietary supplements Kedrosil, Floritsa, migi, Vitaly. 5. Nutrients for vascular wall – biologically active additives (IGCI, Vitali, Apilam, Velamin, Floritsa) phytoremedy (Herbs life number 1, 2, 4, and herbal teas Crown, Heart), multivitamin tea Falcon. 6. In the control of cholesterol levels can help sorbents – In lihit, hits. 7. Beloyar (with an extract of hawthorn and calendula) will not only reduce cholesterol levels, but will also help reduce blood pressure to normal figures. 8. Aroma oils: peppermint (has vasodilator effect), geranium (with prolonged use normalizes blood pressure).

Geneva Convention

The benefit of the Geneva Convention and other restrictive documents electromagnetic weapons was not mentioned – new! General sanitary doctors tend to think the best person for the induction in the range 0,02 – 0,05 T (at constant magnetic field provided long-term exposure). When short-term contacts, these limits are increasing, but should not exceed 70 mT and 50 mT – in an alternating, and pulsed magnetic field – up to 3 tesla. For the alternating field is another important characteristic – frequency. In medical practice uses a fundamentally different frequency magnetic fields: high-frequency (inductothermy) and low-frequency (magnet). Somatic Experiencing has firm opinions on the matter. The first is used primarily for treatment, requires complex equipment, conducted short courses and has a number of serious contraindications. Gina Ross understands that this is vital information. We are first and foremost that the epm high frequency is largely absorbed by the patient's tissues, causing a rise in temperature. Low-frequency magnetotherapy more physiological as it is in this range (from 0.1 to 100 Hz) produced a man all electromagnetic waves. They are used for the treatment and prevention.

In addition, these procedures can performed by patients without medical supervision. In this case, almost no thermal effects in the inner tissues, which determines and high portability. Including elderly people whose treatment traditionally rests on all sorts of limitations and contraindications, as well as younger people with a fairly common chronic ailments – allergies, and cores. This allows us to apply magnetic therapy In many cases, when the impact of other physiotherapeutic methods (UHF, microwave therapy, ultrasound therapy) is not allowed. Just the facts.

Eye Diseases

Our mentality is so arranged, that while a person is not a problem, he will not do anything so that its principle the arose. Hence immediately turn to the question about the correction of spoiled. One well-known and most frequently applicable methods of vision correction is the optical correction, namely the points. There is a lot of information. As the study found that about 30% of people suffer from visual impairment. In this method, vision correction has many advantages.

Spectacle correction is the most accessible method of vision correction. It all depends on the rim, which selects a patient in the optics shop offers a huge selection of frames, from the cheapest to the finest decorated with rhinestones and jewels. However, the process of selection of glasses should not be taken lightly. Incorrectly matched rim can cause migraine headaches and stress. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of lenses, as the only high-quality lenses to help correct the level of vision.

Points are easy to use, they can be worn at all times (with very poor vision), and wear only when required (reading, watching tv, working at the computer). Often this method of vision correction is simply no other alternative method. For example, children are not recommended to carry out laser correction or surgical intervention. Radical correction methods recommend t be done only after full maturation of the eye, which comes at the age of 18. Points – the easiest and most affordable method of correction of the fallen. However, this method has several disadvantages. Points can not guarantee 100% of vision correction. They limit peripheral vision because of the presence of frames and arches, also is an infringement of the stereoscopic effect and spatial perception. Glasses constitute a foreign object on his face. They always get dirty when the humidity and temperature, they can fog up, and the glasses practically impossible to engage in active sports. It should also be take into account the traumatic such a method of vision correction in children, the little restless and strive to fall, stumble, stumble. Shattered lens can severely damage the eyes. Points are often the cause of violations general well-being of man. If the rim or the lens is properly matched irreversibly leads to pereutomlyaemosti eye, it can also lead to poor circulation to the face, causing headaches, fatigue, malfunction. Conception glasses cause of visual impairment. Progression of eye disease is observed in 22% of cases during the spectacle correction of vision.


I am absolutely not the type of person who meditates, sitting for a long time and doing nothing. This form is for me comparable to torture. And I can do that and leave. But I know that I need to reconsider my approach as Practice shows that in addition to reducing stress and uplift your mood, meditation can help improve health in chronic diseases and strengthen the immune system. But I do not want to spend long hours to ensure that calmed down a bit.

I need a very quick and easy way, giving a feeling of comfort, peace! Here they are: The showers are located under a cascade of water in the shower, take three deep and slow breaths. Focus on their feelings, feel the pleasant aroma of soap, shampoo, listen to the sounds of falling water. Imagine that all your problems, difficulties lie on the surface of your body (skin) that you always wash off. Close eyes and slowly repeat: "I feel completely recovered, and then loudly three times, focusing on each word and get an unforgettable pleasure from his calmness and a feeling of complete update freshness. Behind a desk Close your eyes and take five deep, relaxing breaths, especially focusing on the exhale. Try using a visualization technique that I learned in Sport: Imagine that you have with great diligence takes on any task. Bring to mind one of your talents, abilities (eg creativity, diligence, enthusiasm), which will be the key to a successful solution problem.

Assessing their ability, make every effort to successfully achieve the goal. Before you open your eyes and get down to business, make sure you did everything correctly, and then it will turn very soon. On the walk Unplug the phone, sat up and gather in a stomach. You will immediately feel higher. Slowly walking, focus attention on parts of the body in isolation. First, feel the full harmony with his legs. Focus on how leg bent at the knee and bend open, then transfer attention to the thigh and feel both feet touching the ground. Next, focus on the hands, so if they were balloons, and then focus on the neck. Continue for 10 minutes. For the harmony of body parts – shake it. In the workplace, raising his eyebrows and hold, count to 3. Pull down and take a deep breath, exhale. Repeat twice. Do not worry, wrinkles will not go! Repeat with each body part, from the stress and relax the shoulders, hands and feet up. Sitting quietly, and feel how relaxed your muscles – and mind. Relaxed muscles need a lot less oxygen, so your breath will be a little slow, heartbeat and blood pressure will decrease. The natural way your body becomes calm, relaxed, and, consequently, your mood.

Jorg Fischer Awarded

Medical Director of LASIK Germany GmbH receives coveted quality seal Hamburg April 2011. Dr. Jorg Fischer is one of medikompass.de by LASIK Germany GmbH according to the comparison website top-rated doctors in Germany. The Managing Director of LASIK Germany GmbH was able to convince already more than 300 successfully operated patients from his LASIK clinic treatment concepts according to MediKompass. “” Award for Dr.

Jorg Fischer: the Hamburg eye laser surgeon and Managing Director of LASIK Germany GmbH receives the seal top weighted doctor “GmbH. at least 30 very good are awarded by the MediKompass condition for the award of the quality label” patient reviews. But with more than 300 positive feedbacks, Dr. Jorg Fischer surpassed the requirements applicable to the coveted even tenfold. The LASIK Germany GmbH sees the award as confirmation of their clinic philosophy all according to the motto confidence comes from experience”.

Dr. Jorg Fischer, 17 years as a specialist in the field of refractive surgery, practiced, convinced his patients with modern treatment methods and a comprehensive pre-and aftercare program. The fact that surgeons of LASIK Germany GmbH are high-volume surgeons perform more than 1,000 interventions and provide maximum patient trust. Strict rules apply for the award of the seal top weighted doctor”. “Only physicians who have received mostly very good reviews, for a meaningful period of time can qualify for the program as this year Dr. Jorg Fischer from the of course people choose LASIK Germany GmbH. at the end, every evaluation is different and must be assessed for himself”, so Dr. Dr. Claudius Schikora, Managing Director of MediKompass GmbH. The award of the seal top weighted doctor”is the first step in the course of the well started excellence initiative. We want to reform the German health system and continue to work every day on this goal.” More Information about the performance and services of LASIK Germany GmbH are available on the Internet at. The team of LASIK Germany GmbH is for a telephone consultation on 0800 599 599 9 available. Visit the LASIK Germany GmbH on Facebook: pages/LASIK-Germany/103375623059896 about the LASIK Germany GmbH and the lasik germany laser eye centers that is LASIK Germany GmbH operates the lasik germany laser eye centres to offices in Frankfurt/Main, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin, Oberhausen and Munich. Founder of lasik germany is Dr. Jorg Fischer, who has 17 years experience in eye surgery. A lasik germany laser eye Center will surgery according to modern methods and made the refractive surgery procedures, among others with the FEMTO-second laser. “The operators of lasik germany can look back on over 1000 independently carried out surgical procedures per year and thus officially are among the high-volume surgeons” their profession. Headquarters of LASIK Germany GmbH is Hamburg. Dr.

Orthodox Interior Patients

New doctor podcast by Dr. Bernd Frederich of living in Pfungstadt near Darmstadt and practicing physician Dr. med. Bernd Frederich has established an Internet portal at, where he runs a blog and a podcast subscription for patients with specific diseases. Dr. Bernd Frederich maintains a clinic as a doctor of internal medicine and psychotherapeutic medicine as well as a communication trainer as a doctor for FamilienPsychoSomatik site. In his blog, which is very understandable also for non medically trained ears, Dr. Bernd Frederich reported about his experiences from practice.

The patients seeking for Dr. Bernd Frederich after effective therapy, mainly suffer from internal diseases such as Atopic Dermatitis, psoriasis, asthma, heart disease, intestinal inflammation, spinal disorders, anorexia, bulimia, depression, Multiple Sclerosis, functional disorders, migraine, personality disorders and cancer. The experienced physician Dr. Bernd Frederich has for many years as a medical practitioner in a small town practiced. He has observed that the classic Orthodox Interior could hold with medicine not with the progress, laying other subjects such as the surgery, dentistry, the obstetrics or preventive hygiene on the day. To remedy this deficit, at least in treating his own patients, in the treatment of internal diseases with great success, he decided for a systemic (family therapy) approach. The method of the systemic approach was already developed in the United States in the 1960s and mid-1970s by Prof. introduced helm Stierlin also in Germany.

The systemic approach to the treatment of health problems can be summed up in four axioms: * not the patient is sick, but the relationship, in which he lives (family, work). * The patient is the alarm signal of a disturbed communication in the family or operational environment. * Fear occupied and faulty communication of a person with himself or his social environment can also bacterial and viral Trigger diseases. * There is always an interaction between mind and body and between people themselves. Dr. Bernd Frederich describes in his blog anonymously illustrative examples of the symptoms and the development of diseases and explains how he leads the patient with the help of psychotherapeutic medicine to a healthy and balanced life. All reports can be commented by patients, colleagues and visitors to its Web site. In this way creates a valuable experience from practice, developed as a major entry point for the patients. The doctor podcast by Dr. Bernd Frederich can be subscribed to for free via RSS or email. The physician, Systemiker, FamilienPsychoSomatiker and communication coach Dr. med. Bernd Fredrich with his innovative doctors blog shows how patients suffering from supposedly not curable chronic diseases, can find a way towards a group and balanced life. Contact information: Dr.

Naturopathic Medicine

‘ Cancer Benalu tea (tea parasite)’ from South-East Asia, the unique natural remedy now available in Europe! With anti-cancer Benalu tea (Scurulla atropurpurea – BL), will appear soon the Sun again! Substances of the unique Naturheilplanze will help. The tea, which was used by the Asians as a proven natural remedy against malignant cancer is clinically tested, scientifically researched for years and the offentlchkeit-known. see: Chem. Pharm. Bull. 51(3) 343 #345 (2003) cancer can endanger your life, fight with the methods of natural healing. Often the medicine reaches its limits, but there is still an alternative healing method, which you should apply with the unique natural remedies ANTI-cancer BENALU tea”.

BENALU tea of quality from the House of MEDIDENT s.l-COBLAVEST, is a parasitic plant which grows on the tea trees in the jungles of Southeast of Asia. This parasite evades the trees the best nutrients and substances the cancer radical combat. The immature cells that want to grow through angiogenesis (blood supply) to mature cancer cells, prevents the growth and dieback. Components of this tea are BBs: alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, Triterpene, Saponione and tannins. Substances, very active and effective are to prevent, cure and treatment of symptoms and broken from diseases such as cancer TUMOURS swelling, sores, bleeding, ulcers and inflammation, asthma, bladder stones, lumbago, cough allergies, useful also for the strengthening and strengthening the body resistance.

The active ingredients this tea go BBs through the digestive process in the bloodstream. This all body cells are met and immune system enhancement. This tea is recommended before, during, and after each surgery and chemotherapy. It prevents the development of remaining after chemotherapy recurrence (cancer growth). Remaining relapse like in chemotherapy is as good as closed. The opposite of the Chemotherapy, angiogenesis: cancer growth by blood supply to the cancer cells that were not reached by the chemo. It is regrettable that a recurrence often remains after chemotherapy, this leads inevitably to new cancer growth. The cancer cells build a new resistance and are usually even more dangerous. Anti-cancer tea (tea parasite) is also active as a preventive measure (prevention) constant taking, because the tea immediately intervenes. Literature Info: cancer cells like no raspberries! Laboratory and molecular medicine Canada, appeared in the Weltbild-Verlag. Praise and testimonials from cured patients, as well as the high response, point to the positive future of Naturopathic Medicine by Medident.

In Israel

Come to a place of birth need to advance, 3-4 weeks before delivery. That – and the condition of foreign clinics and most airlines (deadline – 36-38 weeks). For longer pregnancy is best to avoid long flights and exhausting travel by train or car in order to avoid complications. Yes, and a doctor and a midwife need to know about in advance, as well as a complete examination of mother and fetus to plan births. Not recommended abrupt change of climate in the second half of pregnancy and childbirth, which also affects the choice of the country and, accordingly, the cost. One of the most important issues that need to decide in advance – a visa based on an invitation from the hospital and thereby – obtaining legal status of private patients. In each country – its time for obtaining visas and the package of documents to be submit to the Embassy (in case of travel to give birth is better to have multiple-entry visa). However, be sure to 100% of its receipt of the citizens of cis countries in our time is not possible.

Necessary to organize accommodation new mothers before and after childbirth, to the point where she can be with your child to return home (not before 3-4 weeks after birth). In Germany and Israel are waiting for a month before giving birth in France – for two months. In Israel, Britain accepted write down two days after vaginal delivery and five days – after caesarean section, in Germany, Austria, the clinic is usually held 4-5 days after vaginal delivery and 7 days – after operative delivery.

How To Get Rid Of Tartar

The most common cause of inflammation of the gums – tartar. The formation of tartar affects crowding, displacement, or mobility of teeth, malocclusion, open cavities. Overhanging edges of crowns and seals, no washing space bridges, porous filling, hooks, removable dentures may also be places deposits of food debris and plaque. So, to avoid the need for treatment gum, we have time to deal with the tartar. Here the most important is proper oral hygiene. On the question of what toothpaste and toothbrush, you better opt for daily oral care at home mouth, you should contact the dental clinic in Saratov. Also need regular professional oral hygiene.

Regular preventive dental check-ups should start, with this procedure, as often after cleaning can be detected caries at an early stage and make the diagnosis. In addition, preventive procedures have a positive effect on the state of the gums, can accurately select the best shade filling material or crown. and, finally, the hygienic treatment before prosthetic will significantly increase the warranty on the work undertaken. Dental clinics Saratov offer clean special paste, and then sealed florine pastes. Procedure for professional oral hygiene dental clinic in Saratov recommend held twice a year. Occupational hygiene mouth – a very useful procedure. Very often after treatment of occupational health patients are becoming more critical of their teeth and realize how quickly plaque forms and deposition of stones.

Pharmacological Committee

What are the advantages of compression sclerotherapy veins of the lower extremities? The advantages of compression sclerotherapy include lack of risk of severe complications, high efficiency and minimal trauma. This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and provides the optimal cosmetic effect. What are the indications for compression sclerotherapy veins limbs? Compression sclerotherapy is indicated for "spider veins, small expansion of the venous trunks or single varicose nodes, and left after the operation of single trunks and nodes of the veins. It is important timely access to a doctor until the disease has not become a running form, when effectively have only surgical treatment. To perform compression sclerotherapy using modern high drugs have low toxicity and high efficiency. All medications are approved for use by Pharmacological Committee of the Russian Federation. The course of treatment consists of several (usually 3 to 6) sessions of sclerotherapy, performed at intervals of 5-7 days. Foam-form sclerotherapy – one of the latest achievements of modern Phlebology, allowing to obtain unique results.

In this technology sclerosant using special devices to make resistant fine foam, which is introduced into the vessel. In this way several advantages. Puncture itself and the introduction of sclerosant virtually painless, as used for the treatment of very fine needles. A slight burning sensation, which feels sick, very quickly, 2-3 minutes pass. But most importantly – safe 'closed' large (up to 1 cm) of varicose veins. In addition, the treatment requires far fewer treatments and the dose and concentration of the injected drug significantly reduced.