Medical Equipment

Used medical equipment market has experienced a significant increase in demand, especially during the early days of the global economic downturn. As a result, professionals in this industry have realised the existence of an enormous potential in the international market. The expansion to the world market reports, alike, several advantages to buyers and sellers while buyers can purchase those computers that are not available in their own countries, sellers can increase your sales and revenues through the sale of their items in different markets at different prices, depending on each market of the existing demand for their medical equipment. While access to the international market has its advantages, it also has barriers capable of hindering the performance of many professionals eager to broaden the exposure of your business. Language barriers are probably one of the biggest obstacles facing these professionals, as these hinder the communication between buyers and sellers of countries that do not share a common language, and, ultimately, prevent the conclusion of business., a market for used medical equipment of fast growth, has realized the need for a global solution, and therefore has developed a Web site in which users from all over the world can buy or sell used medical equipment. The site has been designed to facilitate international trade, and includes features and services aimed at eliminating those obstacles that industry professionals have had to face up to the date. One of the main advantages of MedWOW is probably its entirely Multilingual interface – the site has been translated in its entirety by professionals, and is available in four languages: English, Spanish, French and Russian. In addition, each listing included in the site can be translated into all languages. MedWOW has also developed a useful multilingual feature questions and answers through which users in countries that do not share the same language can communicate with each other in their language preferred. A buyer can use this feature to ask questions to a salesman from a list of professionally compiled and written for each device in particular questions, or write your own question in the field of free text questions. The seller receives the questions that have been automatically translated into your preferred language and presents a response.

Then the answer is translated to the language of the purchaser, and submitted to it for review. Another practical function with which have international users from MedWOW is the currency converter, which is updated daily allowing it users view prices in your preferred currency; the coins are taken from a list that includes all international currencies. Due to the enormous progress of the site, and in its efforts to provide assistance to those markets with strong demand for used medical equipment, is being currently translated into German and Japanese.