Bank Marketing

This story – a great illustration of a still bank marketing, based solely on the product. What was the reason that only 15% of customers of financial services use the services of a single bank, while the remaining 85% visit 2,3,4 and even 5 different banks? Obviously, until now very few people thought about the concept of 'loyalty' in relation to the banking sector, on the peculiarities of the individual and the needs of customers, about values and benefits of motivation and preferences about how to gain their hearts and minds. Of course, much easier to offer leasing schemes for those who asked about them than jointly seek a solution to customer problems much easier to push car loans arms broker in the showroom than to deal with the needs and capabilities of each individual borrower. In general, it is understandable why a relatively young Russian financial industry today does not allow clients dominate the market. Legislative strict procedures, high costs, macroeconomic woes do not leave the place a word of the client. However, perfectly understandable that in such circumstances 'under the mattress' Russians remain $ 125 billion consumers have grown accustomed to the gracious attitude on the part of retail business, a high service, a wide choice of possibilities, and the indifference of banks to their own lives does not leave anything but disappointment. The situation is complicated by the fact that the banking sector remains a faceless service business, which does not carry the terminal, materialized benefits for the consumer. .