Andrew Corentt

Perhaps weeks, months and even years later. Opportunities will be presented as luck. A person who repeat affirmations today, will have more luck tomorrow, a person to do. This means that if we take any ten individuals and five of them put them to construct statements and repeat them during the next few weeks and the five others not, and then leave to continue their lives normally, we will see that after a couple of months and in the following years, those who repeated assertions will have more luck than those that did not. Results will be presented by chance, a friend submits to an acquaintance who requires a helper, someone needs to a developer for a programme of advanced, a seller requests that you purchase a ticket lottery, etc. It’s all luck. To determine if the claims have worked only need to observe the life of those who have used them, as the examples presented above, and those who have never used them: the poor, the unhappy, those who believe that this is waste of time but they are still without a dollar in the bag, etc.

If people complain that the statements do not work is because they use assertions made incorrectly, for example say I am not fat alone will produce more overweight. Claims to be effective you must meet certain requirements. In the book the power to transform our lives, Andrew Corentt, presents all the basic requirements that must comply with the statements so that they are effective. Another reason why people believe that the statements do not work is because they use standard methods to formulate claims. Standard methods require some time to begin to show results.

If you want to see results quickly, then you should use more powerful methods to formulate claims. Of all the methods to formulate statements, statements on reverse method in undoubtedly the more powerful since it directly out of the subconscious a claim that will inevitably be met. The statements are a powerful tool and should be used with care, since they can help you to provide wealth, success, beauty, love and everything that you want and meet their goals. Original author and source of the article