Progressive Medicine is known for only one option lowering the weight – Invoking the energy deficit. Come to it is only possible in two ways: to reduce the calorie content of food consumed or increase energy expenditure of the body. Our Centre was opened by the drug, joining in currently both the mechanism of weight loss. Jon Medved follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. With the invention were studied biological rhythms of the human body. And in this connection means is in the two forms, zaimevshie names: capsules and tablets Sun Moon. Tablets Sun used in the morning and work all day, when the metabolism in the body the most fast. Sun pills have ingredients that speeds up the processes of life and because of this already starts burning fat deposits.

Tablets Moon consumed after dinner, when the rate of metabolism slows down. Due to the compounds contained in them, they prevent the emergence of new fat stores, not letting the body absorb the nutrients. That's and obtain a speedy and irretrievable loss of weight. The first drug MOYU brand went on sale in 2001 and instantly became famous among the buyers. Since our focus continuously working on improving the recipe, but the way the impact of drugs does not change. Our last search for a pill slimming bikini. Their main difference from its predecessors lies in the extraordinary component that is part of the capsule Moon. Our Centre has been invented method of making the substance of the embryos of rice grains, which in function and performance is similar to the well-known drug Xenical.

During the addition of this substance in the main part of the drug, its efficiency has been improved. Must more to say about the means for weight loss created by the usual prescription of oriental medicine. I must say, these drugs do not exist. It's just a publicity move. I was born in a family of famous doctors of conventional medicine and understand what I'm talking. Although, of course, Chinese tea tonic supplements has restorative effect, but fundamentally solve the problem of excess weight he can not. The problem of how to lose weight – it is a question of modern society and decide it should be modern ways.