does not say that it made the workmanships that made financially because it was, profiting high and now it wants to profit plus a mandate to continue ' ' swimming of braada' ' in the public money In as the case the face is imcompetent person for the position the one that was elect. But it sees a chance to invoice high with some emergenciais workmanships in the end of the mandate. This type is so imcompetent person who nor was capable to steal during the three years of mandate and keeps marasmo in the last one. with this tries to reveal as rescuer of the native land, saying that he does not make before because its opponents if opposed to whom he tried to carry through. thus tries to make victim pose to awake compassion feeling, on the part of the voters; ' ' it is feigned dead invoicing coveiro' '.

The fact is that, in the two cases is of badly worse or in the two cases we are in worse, therefore the worse ones are these that if had chosen to produce the common good, but comumente they are served of its mandate to give themselves well and to make its companies to profit very. the people! the people! The people has well what he deserves, chose therefore them. As much first as as the example of parasite that if it feeds of votes and it sucks the seiva of the public coffers are there because the people votes! The people votes e, therefore, he suffers more than ' ' sovaco of aleijado' '. Speaking candidly Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. told us the story. The people you ' ' threaded in fiof of saci' '. The people is ' ' giving tripping in cobra' ' , he is ' ' killing crown sparrow sopro' ' ' ' alligator belisco' '. For the people, neglect voter, the situation is this: ' ' if to run the animal catches and if to be the animal come' '.