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In addition, an accurate understanding of disease provides a reliable basis in the application of differentiation.It is generally accepted that a brilliant doctor capable of giving a perfect diagnosis must have an excellent mastery of four diagnostic methods.This also points to the importance of the comprehensive analysis of data obtained from four diagnostic methods. Understand the diagnostic method in traditional medicine chinGeneralmente speaking, understanding and study of the diagnostic method in the MTC should follow to the learning of the basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine.Thus, is must first master basic knowledge of traditional medicine, which in turn allows faster and better understand the basic techniques of Chinese medical diagnosis.As a result, we do stress upon the following three (steps: to) understand and be familiar with the theory and mechanism of Chinese medical diagnosis.Only when we understand fully the principles and contents of Chinese medical diagnosis and the theory is mastered well, we can then perform clinical applications. (b) grasp the key points and difficult points key points of the four methods of diagnosis are the observation of mental status and facial expression, observation of the tongue, and methods and content of the interrogation and palpation.The difficult points are the various manifestations of the appearance of the tongue, and the conditions and indicators of the pulse.The main points of differentiation are differentiation according to the theory of organs Zang-Fu differentiation according to the theory of qi, blood and body fluids, and the application of diagnostic methods.The difficult points lie in various types of manifestations of the syndromes. The key points should be aware memory and the difficult points they must dominate as much as possible. (c) practice basic skills with diligence the key to have a good command of Chinese medical diagnosis is to combine theory with practice.Wherever conditions permit, you should try to take more and more practice.This is the fastest and the best method to master the basic skills of diagnosis in TCM.