The Element

If the interior of the apartment a lot of black and blue tones, you should add the color of the tree – all shades of green, thereby you weaken prevailing in the house the element of water. WATER in turn depletes the metal. Jon Medved does not necessarily agree. The stronger the ether layer (metal) of a person, the less influence on a person can have the essence of the astral world (the water). If the ether layer (metal) is weak, then the astral world (water) will deplete both mental and physical health. Kidneys (water), drain the lungs (metal).

There is practice of correct breathing (lungs-metal), who forge an exchange of water (kidney-water) in the body, which is very important for all living cells. If a person has a persistent cough (many metal) should go on the water diet. Bullies and bully, should wear a black and blue (water), clothes to weaken the influence of the metal element. If the apartment predominant color of the element of metal: silver, gray, it's worth a little slow this element by adding water to the interior (black, blue), but it is important to remember that there are examples of common, do not immediately make changes to the interior, First you need to know what items you are useful, and what does not, it is also important to know what area of life you want to activate. METAL depletes soil depletion closing the loop elements.

In the bowels of the earth are born all the metals. Our health (metal) has its roots in our daily lives (land), we are totally dependent on what we eat, how we sleep, what we do, with whom we communicate, that is due to what our daily lives (land) so is our health (metal). Lungs (metal) drain the spleen (earth). If the interior of the apartment a lot of yellow-brown (earth) colors, it is diluted by adding the element of earth-colored metal, such as white or gold (metal). Strong brooding or stupidity can be lessened by the use of metals (zinc, copper, iron) as dietary supplements. Or go on a diet containing foods related to the metal.