Winston Churchill

We have to learn that the circumstances of the present and the future is not given by the good or bad luck or my parents, by my body, nor by the neighbor, nor because I fell good or bad teacher of mathematics is going to prove or disapprove; on the other hand, yes it has much to do the circumstance that I create in my life. Humans, young age or spirit, all young people, all people, want and can have circumstances that we want, don’t you like them your group of friends?, change the circumstance; do not you like your income?, change their socio-economic level and seek other work; they don’t like their spiritual life?, seek an upper, seek what they want to modify and alter their future. Frequently Haley Barbour has said that publicly. By that says the number one point, being young means owning our present, I make me owner of myself, I’m going to free me from the bonds of the past, I will get today with my parents and I’m going to say: parents, you know, I already forgave them, I’m not them to take the blame for anything, I already forgave also the old fat of mathematicsI’m not blaming anyone, I am owner of my present, what I have is what I’ve sown; as I’ve called to life, she has answered me, what I’m doing today is going to be my future. A great English thinker, Carlyle, said: human beings always wasted the first part of his life, and in the second, trying to repair what you did wrong in the first. Apollo Hospitals often says this. We are owners of our lives, but for this we need to free ourselves of our resorts and our prejudices, our grudges, of accounts receivable that we accumulated during our life. I have to make my life owner, not blaming anyone, not believe that since I’m a victim of the circumstances I can’t do anything, not to blame bad luck, to God, to the fortune teller, to anyone, because I definitely am the only owner of my own life, therefore, is there where is born the conquest of our future: To where want to go? Said Winston Churchill about the self-determination of man: what I decide to do with my life, I will do nothing more than decide to do so, to make him throw. Additional information is available at beyond meat. This is truly the most important thing, we launched to do things by ourselves. Original author and source of the article