Zone Development

The identification guarantees that the singularity to know who we are and a differentiation process prevents confusing in them with the others: the construction of the identity is a process of separation between singular I and collective I. The societies exert the endoculturao, for intermediary of which they involve the individuals in the life ways (symbolic and practical) that they imply norms to be respected. Obviously, the norm in addition means sanctions and enters in game the mechanisms of social control. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Mark Hyman and gain more knowledge.. The scene is formed that goes to guarantee the process of economic and cultural reproduction of the societies closely atrelado to the construction of the identities. In the manifest school the power that constructs/desconstri/reconstructs social interactions; certain individuals or groups are submitted to the will and the will of others, for routines and rituals established in classroom. It interests us as the school circulates/propagates conceptions of personal identities and social with it arrives in port, mainly, in the studies on identity estigmatizao.

One of the basic principles of the theory of Vygotsky is the concept of ' ' development zone prximo' ' how much to this concept it wrote: ' ' Zone of next development represents the difference enters the capacity of the child to decide problems for proper itself and the capacity to decide them with aid of somebody. This person who intervines to guide the child can in such a way be an adult (parents, professor, responsible) how much a colleague who already has developed the required ability. The idea of zone of next development is of great relevance in all the educational areas. An important implication is of that the human learning is of social nature and is part of a process where the child inside develops its intellect of the intellectuality of they surround that it. An essential characteristic of the learning is that it internally awakes some processes of development, which only functions when the child interacts in its environment of convvio' '.