Hernando Iguaran

Hernando Iguaran Romero was one of the politicians who did time in Maicao and Guajira for nearly three decades. My first contact with him was in the time of leader of the students of the University of La Guajira desasientes in Maicao, in 1983 year in which Nando served as municipal mayor and our biggest dream was to have a bus that takes us daily to the capital of the Department. In a first, fleeting meeting, held races in the corridors of City Hall, he promised us his help and gave us a hearing for the week following one of those hours that only catered to those who considered his good friends: one o’clock in the afternoon. We had busy even though he had told us one in the morning because we had the yearning for that vehicle as soon as possible to continue the studies that we had initiated. The day setting we were on time in the Office and we received encouraging News and a new appointment at the same time on a day of the following week. For a time our routine was leaving the University in Riohacha at 12, fly to Maicao in the first truck passed and meet the appointment to the mayor who was always waiting for us with new and encouraging news.

Of those times I remember her on speech, the passion with which faced all its companies, the enthusiasm with which exposed their plans and the individual effort put into getting our bus. For our part we saw with admiration and, despite sleep, tiredness and hunger for the Group of young students, gave us a particular joy meet with the representative that in the midst of his occupations was time to work for our dream. In one of the usual meetings gave us the good news would that Saturday finally give us the bus and we could not believe it.