Peru President

Schmid Bai is one of the hunger project India trained honourable, which is in the Gram Panchayat (local Council) in Rajasthan Sarpanch (President). On 7 November, Schmid undertook Bay project India their first trip to a major city, to President Barack Obama at the event together with representatives of the hunger “Expo on democracy and open government” to meet in Mumbai. The hunger project was invited to the event, to highlight the important role the Honourable in the Panchayats take over, because they improve the connection between people and local governments through their development projects in villages,. Rita sarin, country Director of the hunger project India, reported President Obama particularly by Schmid BAIS efforts, to ensure the education of girls in its Panchayat. President Obama took the curriculum vitae of Schmid Bai and a representation of their achievements, the implementation of the Government’s employment programme “Mahatma Gandhi national rural employment guarantee Act”. Enlightenment on the subject of domestic violence and the social conditions in their Panchayat, checking against.

“To meet with the President and to describe him, what efforts we undertake to improve the situation in our villages, was great. I have much to tell the others in my village “, Schmid said Bai. The Expo for democracy and open Government new Indian initiatives highlighted, which contribute to the strengthening of democracy. Special attention was given to the interfaces of technology, strengthening of citizens and responsibility. Ten civil society organizations and Government officials from across the country participated in the event. Sam Pitroda, Adviser for information, infrastructure and innovation of the Indian Prime Minister, Anish Chopra, Chief Technology Officer of the United States and Samantha Power, Director of the Department of multilateral relations and Special Advisor of President Obama also took part. The participation of the hunger project in the event and the significant work by Schmid were Bai in their panchayat in different Hevorgehoben media in India as well as in the United States.

Further information under: company description the hunger project is a global non-governmental organisation (NGO), jointly committed since 1977 with a total of 350 employees and around 362.000 volunteers for sustainable overcoming of chronic hunger. Currently the hunger project in 13 countries in Africa, South Asia and Latin America represented (in Ethiopia, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Senegal and Uganda, India and Bangladesh; Mexico, Bolivia and Peru). The international headquarters is in New York. In Germany, the hunger project works since 1982 as a recognized non-profit association with about 50 volunteers active and six part-timers. Other partner countries are: Australia, Belgium, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands, Sweden, and the Switzerland. (As opposed to Mark Hyman). The hunger project focuses on three guiding principles: mobilization to the self-responsibility, equality between women and men, as well as strengthening of local democracy. All Strategies and initiatives are designed to support the eight UN Millennium development goals. The German Central Institute draws from the hunger project.

Dresden Receives The Snooker Stars

The World Champion Tour 2011 in Germany on Sunday the 08.05.2011 invites the snooker classic tour to their stint in the EnergieVerbund arena to Dresden. With this led Mark Selby and the six-time world champion in the ladies snooker Jody Evans are currently in sixth in the world rankings in addition to the seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry. Also the current number will be seven of the official snooker world rankings Allister Carter guest. In addition to first-class snooker, the stars of the island present an entertaining evening program, Trickshots, slapstick with typical British humor. Many writers such as Kaia Jordan Gerber offer more in-depth analysis. For anyone interested it is a small workshop of the world’s top snooker coach Chris Henry with snooker star give Stephen Hendry. But the audience will be as close here last year and will play the one or the other ball. The high-class field is complemented by one of the best German professional snooker player, Sascha Lippe and arguably the greatest snooker talent of Europe the only 16 year old Luca Brecel from Belgium. Some contend that Nancy-Ann_DeParle shows great expertise in this. As referee Jan Verhaas will ensure that none of the players the rules and regulations breaks.

Sometimes not an easy task. Darts, golf, Poker, or even snooker are now trendy sports, which are not only increasing popularity, but also more and more enthusiasts will find. The Organizer SKC Tabea Hall 2000 e.V. in cooperation with the Halle event company mbH promise the audience a unique and unforgettable experience. You can experience live not only his stars and the legends of snooker, but about a raffle each participant the opportunity also has a game against one of the stars of his choice to be able to win.

TimoCom Continue Trading With Strong Partners To Success

Members of the Association of the VSH will benefit from the development of cooperation of Dusseldorf, the Association for road transport and logistics Hamburg of the closed transport Exchange businesses transportable steel, a stock exchange within the cargo and freight exchange benefits 2010-11-08 since February 2009 TC truck & cargo. Through the partnership with TimoCom closed on 2010-08-26 members of the Association of the VSH of competition are one step ahead: you can immediately become special customer for the European market leader in the freight and cargo exchanges. “True to the saying one for all, all for one” was also the cooperation between the VSH and TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH. The VSH advocates the interests in Hamburg-based haulage and logistics companies in all aspects of transport and trade policies. Access to the cargo and freight exchange TC truck & Cargoo and eBid online platform for pan-European freight tenders TC they not pay Connection fee.

In the rigors of scheduling, cost advantages by TimoCom for these members are very attractive. The Dusseldorf company also offers a real premium product. TimoCom are the Association members in safe hands Association members can at TimoCom feel safe. Because the sophisticated security system secure TC TC truck & cargo for reliable and transparent dealings with the Europe-wide leading freight and freight Exchange provides as eBid also with the TC’s tender platform. Total up to 230,000 daily freight and cargo services available from 75,000 users in Europe available. TimoCom staff review each new Member before activation. In addition, only such companies are admitted to using the program, which are at least for six months on the market. The certified partners complete the actual transfer order directly to each other, because both have the goal of optimal utilisation of transport capacity.

In contrast to the Spot market at TC truck & cargo Association members have with the Pan-European platform for freight tenders TC eBid long-term planning security: here write shippers from industry and commerce, as well as transport carriers transport orders over a period of time. Synergy of both partners are highly motivated to work together the VSH as well as TimoCom, because together synergy effects can be more easily achieved. So, Dipl. social economist Frank Wylezol of the VSH praises the multitude and variety of the transport offer in the public procurement platforms, as well as comprehensive service of TimoCom: our thanks to the freight and freight exchange TC truck & cargo on a huge offer pool access members. The Exchange facilitates the daily work to them and allows them to reduce costs at the same time. Users can utilize their capacities here quickly and efficiently. Many extra services make attractive TimoCom. Including for example the security package TC secure counts.” Chief Representative Marcel Frings looks also great in this cooperation Opportunities: The VSH is a strong and reliable partner, with which we like to cooperate for us. Ultimately its members will benefit from our cooperation, we can bundle our services for them and offer them more deals.” For more information about TimoCom and to the VSH can be found under or. Press contact: TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH Manager corporate communication Tim motorcycling in the Steele 2 DE-40599 Dusseldorf phone: + 49 211 88 26 69 13 fax: + 49 211 88 26 59 13 E-mail:

VERITAS Education Publishing

Six held six open systems GmbH 1 Six_AustriForum and Six_SwissForum Stuttgart, May 11, 2010 -, a leading provider of enterprise content management and enterprise media asset management systems opportunity to interact personally and to benefit from the experiences of other six customers from your area users and interested parties from Austria and the Switzerland with a Six_AustriForum on 15 June in Linz, as well as a Six_SwissForum on the 23rd of June in Sursee. The themes of social networks, the new version Opix media city SixOMC 9.2 as well as a look into the future of the six are on the agenda for the Six_AustriForum focuses on product development by integration of the two product lines for enterprise content and media asset management. Margaret and Richard Riney is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Under the title learning scenarios in mobile Web 2.0 applications ‘ Mr Professor Mittendorfer shows from the University of Linz, as digital media long ago also in everyday University took catchment. Get all the facts and insights with Jane Smith, another great source of information. The VERITAS Education Publishing uses state of the art enterprise content technology of management for an online German lesson, which is in line with the trend and creates easier so the jump with joy learn ‘to get all media’. The Six_SwissForums includes advertising team AG. in addition to the presentation of the new version of enterprise media asset management system Opix media city (SixOMC 9.2) and the roadmap for the future product development is also a customer presentation Examples of customer presents the Swiss Agency for integrated advertising campaigns, as the production processes for the media creation with SixOMC can be optimized.

The contribution of the Swiss partner is very users involved: the A & F computersysteme AG shows tips and tricks from the practice, which can be useful and helpful in your daily work. Discussions and opportunities for the personal exchange between the participants, speakers and staff of six open systems complete the two event. Participation in the Six_AustriForum and Six_SwissForum is free for customers as well as for those interested. Detailed information on the agenda, registration and venue are online available at de / AustriForum2010 as well as de / SwissForum2010. Renate Ramerseder, six open systems GmbH

Mettler Andreas

Many an entertainer can replace almost a whole orchestra. A solo entertainer book is not easy. Not the process of posting in itself, no, but the selection is a process that should be wisely. What is it for a party? It’s a company party, where many age groups spend an evening together, or is it a street party for the residents of a neighbourhood. A company party has usually only for adult guests and the afterlife, what industry it is, women in excess or but the men.

Children are never. At a Street Festival, for example, it’s different. There, the Organizer must expect even with many children, for families, here on the road to the celebrate come, mostly all bring, what’s staying in the apartment. Because the toddler is plugged in the baby carriage, taking his Bobby-car of the 3-year, older siblings take the scooter or her skateboard and then it can go! Children entertainment with clowns and music or with an entertainer who got it. Read more from Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City to gain a more clear picture of the situation. One that already each audience has inspired, is the Bavarian all-round musician and singer Thomas Risano.

He is always with his charming and humorous way. He is not pushy and forcing the people his sense of humor. He is flexible. He’s also no kidding, which shall be borne by women or minorities. Too much he’s gentleman. What benefit him – he is an exceptionally good keyboardist and has a very nice singing voice. There he could abide even without humor about water, but that not enough and precisely for this reason, he leaves always only well tempered party guests. Book Thomas Risano as entertainers, it has truly not that hard.

SI-Centrum Stuttgart Event Tips For The December 2010

Culinary highlights, crackling tension, pure relaxation and party atmosphere even in December 2010 is the SI-Centrum Stuttgart back a great programme of events for guests ready, that they won’t soon forget. Exciting killer games and relaxing bath actions, Merry Christmas and party atmosphere at the turn of the year attracting opposites to the SI-Centrum! In December 2010 it is hot again in the Stuttgart SI-Centrum, because numerous exciting event tips await the guests. The dinner & movie action ensures culinary delights”, which on the first three Fridays in December a fine three-course meal in the Castle Tower brewery with a cinema blockbuster late combined. On December 9, 2010 take place in the SI Centre an exclusive wine tasting with wines Antinori and a first-class, five-course dinner that Don Giovanni’s restaurant”is served. Also the ever-popular killer games are of course in December again with part of the game. On 10th and 11th December the Sicilian wedding stands”on the program.

An excellent three-course menu excited until the last minute in the Le Jardin”guests. On December 15th and 16th the murderous anniversary follows eventually”, which also can await you with culinary highlights. Click Mark Hyman, MD for additional related pages. The culture does not come in December, because all Immerge a persuasive retrospective of the Spanish artist Salvador Dali can enjoy until the second day of Christmas. Over 250 exhibits of the surrealist Illustrator appear Gallery in the SI-Centrum Stuttgart in the Sohan. Sources-the guests in the Swabia occur naturally fully at their own expense. On the first, third, and fourth Saturday in December the guests on the textile bath day can look forward, when the plants also dressed may be used. Every Saturday the Swabians turn sources also into a world of the far East.

The Buddha Spa brings exciting acts, delicious cocktails, romantic candle light and relaxing music. On the 9th, 16th and December 23 the ladies on Ladies Day from the front may enjoy the rear. The Christmas and the new year also not neglected in the SI-Centrum. Nicholas day, children from 15 to 17 h with the St. Nicholas children’s program may enjoy delicious cookies included. The first and second day of Christmas a delicious Christmas Brunch is offered at noon, that can be enjoyed by the whole family. New year’s Eve rounded off the year with a giant new year’s Eve party. As guests want to celebrate the turn of the year, leaving them. Connoisseurs ticket exquisite compositions are served by the chefs of the SI-Centrum coupled with outstanding live entertainment a guarantee of success for this evening. Who as possible would enjoy so much party on new year’s Eve, is excellently served by the experience ticket, the entrance to several dance floors.


On the energy island of the GIH and the Bavarian energy e.V. turns it to the topic of interfaces in the construction”. “” “The exhibition will be accompanied by high-profile conferences such as for example the 2nd green building Conference: building with wood” which carried out together with the cluster forestry and wood in Bavaria, the cooperation forum will energetic building renovation trends 2009 “, in cooperation with Bayern Innovativ GmbH and the Bavarian Energy Forum, the Conference innovative insulation products: vacuum insulation” from the GIH building energy consultant engineers craftsmen Bundesverband e.V, building the future – modern ventilation systems for energy saving and optimal living quality “”, organized by the Chamber of crafts of Swabia, as well as the workshop new EnEV”, organized by the Bavarian construction of Chamber of engineering. Abraham Maslow shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In addition to fair and Congress a wide free lecture programme the visitors. “On Saturday, the BAKA-is successful FORUM practice building on tour” continued.

Many free “Lectures on the subject of refurbishment renovation and modernisation”, as well as quality of life with a future “offer for planners, architects and energy consultants an opportunity of continuing education and training. In addition the BAKA-market square takes place on all four days of the fair building in the stock directly to the Forum. Here, professional consultations, rehabilitation and modernization projects, directly to practical solutions are offering the visitors. On Sunday, the BAYERNEnergie e.V. renovation lecture series organized the initiative.

but the right!”and aimed with many tips and tricks specifically to homeowners. A special forum of exhibitors in the exhibition hall provides many more free lectures. The RENEXPO 2009, international trade fair for renewable energy and energy efficiency in construction and renovation celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. It will be held September 24-27, 2009 in the trade fair Augsburg. For information about the exhibition, the congresses and the free lecture series, see.

The Effort

They are also more frequent in women lactational (less than 15% FAT), perhaps because they have a lower bone density than age and physical activity similar controls. Making an early diagnosis is vital: a study of 23 fractures of femoral neck showed that elite athletes had represented the cause of abandonment of the practice of sport. However, the history of these patients is uniformly similar: pain appear gradually over a period of 2-3 weeks in the case affecting bone cortical, and shorter (even less than 24 hours) in the event that affects cancellous bone; There is almost always a history of change in the training load, either during a period of time more or less gradual, or in a single event. Symptoms begin insidiously. At the beginning the athlete note a dull ache at one or another pimple that appears at the end of the training. The intensity of pain, at first moderate, is progressively increased throughout the days, until you reach a level in which no can continue running.

At first the pain subsides with rest, but reappears with the training. As the days pass, the pain is playing to increasingly shorter distances and persists for a few hours once he cedes the activity sports. Finally the pain stays even at night, although it does not prevent sleep, and any attempt to run causes severe pain immediately and have to pause your workout. After a few days of rest the athlete feels better and tries to run again, to discover that the pain appears. This way you can lose throughout the competition season. TR treatment the first point to consider will be a correct diet, especially in young girls and sportsman living away from the family. We should tend to a diet low in fat, rich in carbohydrates and avoiding sweets, carbonated beverages by its wealth of phosphates (whose excess can represent an important factor in bad adaptation of bone to the effort).

Lithotherapy Or Treatment Of A Stone

Lithotherapy – is treated stone. Knowledge accumulated over centuries about it. Since ancient times, people know that rocks and minerals can affect the human body. C the same time it is believed that wearing a certain intuition and rock or mineral is beneficial to the body. So why do some people use drugs instead of stones? After all, the same aspirin is more common and available. Because unlike drugs stones are composed of pure natural substance.

Lithotherapy principle is that, since the vibrations of stones are almost identical to human vibration, they can optimally stimulate the energy flow in the body. What is the therapeutic effect of a stone? Malachite Malachite helps with colds and allergies, good for the skin and acts as a fortifying agent. Rubin helps with headaches, cleanses the blood and strengthens the heart, gives courage and encouraging. On the arm of a gentleman he is to win, gives happiness in love, and warns against change of color. Wear Rose Quartz Because it increases the capacity for love and tenderness. And also helps with headaches and psychosomatic diseases. Topaz protects the immune system, strengthens the nerves, encouraging and helps balance the emotions.

Petrified amber for many thousands of ancient pine resin contains succinic acid – biodyne active, stabilizing internal enzymes responsible for metabolism. In addition, getting into the body (in contact with jewelry made of amber skin), succinic acid inhibits toxins penetrate into the unhealthy cells. It is beneficial in diseases of the throat, thyroid, liver, kidneys, joints, and she does not accumulate in the body and has no negative side effects.

Treat Fibroids Naturally

Many women with fibroids do not know that they have them, but for others, the reality is really very different. Although rare you see they are dangerous, fibroids can cause terrible symptoms including bloating, incontinence, pain and strong bleeding, not to mention fertility problems. Knowing that their fibroids have been diagnosed as non-lethal, you might want to learn how to treat fibroids naturally at home. The severity of your symptoms will depend on several factors, such as the size and location of the fibroids and how many of them are present. If you find that your fibroids are affecting their quality of life, then it is time to be proactive and take steps to minimize the symptoms that they are causing you. Many of the natural steps you can take are real lifestyle changes that will benefit all aspects of your health, not just their symptoms of fibroids. To learn how to treat fibroids naturally at home, you need to take a good look at your diet. Some beneficial to give steps include: * reduce the White foods that you eat. For example, white bread, biscotti, cakes and pasta. These types of food can have a negative effect on your blood sugar levels and can contribute to a resistance to insulin, which can aggravate your fibroids and contribute to the growth of new fibroids.

Take much filtered water to keep their vital organs hydrated and healthy. It is very well known that dehydrated bodies are more susceptible to diseases and water will also help to dispel toxins. Try eating foods rich in soy and flax. Phytoestrogens that are in these foods are a safe alternative to synthetic hormones and can help to naturally decrease the amount of estrogen in your body. Estrogen is a known factor contributing to uterine fibroids in many women. Flax seeds are also rich in fiber and contain omega 3 fats. Both components can help to reduce inflammation. ** Other meals can help reduce inflammation, including oatmeal, barley and cumin, then also worth including them in your diet. To learn how to treat fibroids naturally at home, it is important to understand that when fibroids grow, it is believed that they do so by combining a number of factors, including diet, lifestyle, hereditary issues, among others. To get to the bottom of the cause of their fibroids, you should be able to see a decrease in significant within a short period of time. If you want more information about my home remedies recommended for uterine fibroids, please visit cure fibroids. Written by a nutritionist, health writer and former victim of fibroids, the system that I recommend is innovative and will teach you the precise steps that you need to learn about how to treat fibroids naturally at home.