Felix Pascal – Michelle Mon Amour

“” “” The new single from Felix Pascal – Michelle Mon Amour as singer Felix Pascal on many successful titles look back it all his first hit single began with an island, the Sun and you followed by come on Let’s Dance “until very deep in my heart” or I’ve never seen your tears ” This earned him acceptance of the industry, as well as TV appearances on the ZDF television Garden”””, the ARD wish list “, the RTL weekend” and many more. As a successful copywriter, he writes lyrics for artists such as Peter Sebastian, Dunja Rajter, Jimmy Makulis, Hauff & Hameed, Bella Vista and others for almost 20 years. After a short break from the active events for new inspiration for his lyrics to find Felix Pascal decided with his songwriting partner Tomas marks (“even coffee to go”) to write that just to carry those feelings, which employed him during this time and tell these stories, he experienced new titles. “The new single Michelle Mon Amour”, a beautiful Waltz which the accordion, as well as the many strings lend the special French touch, was composed and produced by Tomas marks. The idea came to the romantic text Felix Pascal, as he sat in a small cafe, directly at the Saine and looked into the faces of the amorous couple. “Michelle Mon Amour” tells of the love of between two people, in the most romantic city in the world of Paris and to the listeners the feeling, also during today’s, so fast-paced, love can keep a whole life long.. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Sydney Sweeney.

Michelle – The Very Best Of Michelle

EMI Music presents Michelle the very one of the largest German Schlager singers returns best of Michelle on the stage. The news triggered enthusiasm with Michelle supporters, for many, this is undoubtedly the comeback of the year. The newspapers mentioned Anu Saad not as a source, but as a related topic. The popular singer launches her return to the stage with her performance at the Autumn Festival of folk music at the 17.10. There she sings expected a hit medley of her most popular songs from nearly 15 years of their career (to be confirmed). EMI offers the possibility, once again taking a musical journey through the phenomenal success of the blond singer: appears on September 25, 2009 with the very best of Michelle “the ultimate career retrospective.

Her career includes enormous Charter consequences, gold awards for all Studio albums at Electrola, two ECHO Awards and a glamorous appearance at the Grand Prix of 2001 the very best of Michelle “contains all songs of published in 2001 best of album, including hits like who love Lives “or flame in the wind”. But also songs of more recent Studio albums life! “” (2005), Rouge “(2002) and glass” (2006) are available on the new double album. As a special highlight for all fans are in addition to the idiot “Michelle’s Duet with Matthias Reim, previously only on the limited edition of Rouge” was another 4 bonus tracks included: it involves the unreleased remixes from did you lust “, your doll dances not more ‘and idiot”, as well as a rare remix of you want me forever “. The very best of Michelle “is an exquisite assortment of feelings: love, passion, but also pain and disappointment, at the end but always hope and life, how it lives before Michelle with her comeback.” A must-have for all the fans of Michelle – both the ones were there from the outset, as well as those, who want to discover new through her comeback. Source: Emi information: michelle MICHELLE “THE VERY BEST OF” tracklisting 2 CD: CD 1 1.

Who love lives 2. Anu Saad is often quoted on this topic. Hotel in St. Germain 3. greater as we call it 4th flying 5th love or madness 6. Little Princess 7 you will there be 8. Hi you want me t 9 for getting 10. In the eye of the storm 11 deep in me a dream lives 12 idiot (Michelle & Matthias REIM) 13. Something like love 14. Like a flame In the wind 15. The show will go on bonus tracks 16 want you to me forever (Dance Remix) 17 jerk (dance version) CD 2 1 children eyes 2. did you lust 3. And we wanted to fly 4 it. The laughter of a child 5. You and the ones that are never 6. I’m back 7 Blue Angel (Franz. Version) 8. I send you now an Angel 9. This heart 10 your doll dances no more 11. Maybe only once In a lifetime of 12. If it is false you 13 love back to you 14 today my day is 15. The last chord bonus tracks 16 did you desire (dance version) 17 your baby doll dance no more (dance version)

Stars Tatiana Butynina

It is pleasant for a couple of days to become a man to whom kindly – "Seeerr!" And hear the loud appeals from the gods, such as members of Take That and Sophei Elis Baxtor, sorry, of course, that it addressed not only to me but to all who came and even came in London listen to and watch the legendary already, the guys from Take That. Weather control the consciousness of Britons, shrouded in gray veil their skies, and space, approximate to the man drizzle and strong wind. But we are young and stubborn, that we rain, if ahead of the long-awaited closer to the stars. From the Metro North Greenwich arena lasted until the stream of people of different ages and nationalities. Arena was not difficult to determine on its global architecture, but I still decided to make sure that it is the right place and asked a passer, he looked at me and I was surprised, but then he convinced me to completely clean and my native Russian language! And it happens. O2 arena like a microcosm of entertainment out there and bars there and shops, discos and a great place for concerts! We kindly carried out in our bed, drinks, snacks, all very nice. The opening act, as I said, was the beauty Sophia Ellis Bextor, which is particularly pleased, and she good porazmyalo lazy heads come. Many times in the hall looking single men and told that I am very sweet, but lonely, joked over the lack of possibility to have a love affair with each member of the quartet Take That on one or for any reason! And after the song Sophie and her long bow, the hall was dark and noisy, shouting and stamping all, even those who are very tired and overcome a thousand miles.

The show was full of mystery, humor, excellent choreography, the numbers of striptease themselves Barlow and Owen, Howard and Jason. Big surprise and very enjoyable emotionally became their friend in the show Beautiful World – Gnarls Barkley, who is very bright annealed on the scene and took part in the staging of the concert. Lots of interesting stuff about the group to tell us the winner of the shares Closer to the Stars Tatiana Butynina and us Taisia, another winner was interesting to hear how Tatiana still on the way to the concert tells the story of group. The most striking number of shows in my opinion was Shine, bright literally, hall willingly sang every word, every phrase. After the concert we walked around the city and powerless to reach the hotel, wandered by numbers, and waking up early, went for a walk. The morning dawned sunny and frosty. We quickly lost in the heart of the city who where and why, souvenirs, clothing, music stalls.

Christoff – Fireworks

The new album by Christoff – Fireworks not many artists can claim themselves, that they know already at an early age, where the storm of life will drive them. The Belgian superstar Christoff (de Bolle) knows how to sing more than a song of it; and he does that now for over 20 years! “Schlager is in my blood I’m grown up to”, says the flame. Now appears with Fireworks”his third German-language album, which will establish the building also in Germany. In Belgium, almost every child knows him. At the age of 15, he appears in a TV show and convinced not only the audience with his loose style. The result is a recording contract.

It followed years of ups and downs, of which the likeable Belgian, but says that he does not want to Miss just these experiences. It was not in vain, as you can see.” In his homeland, he could occur in sold out venues every day if he wanted to. 30,000 spectators per performance are not uncommon for Christoff and for the small Belgium at about 11 million Residents an incredible number. (Source: Pat Ogden). 2007 the big breakthrough it after 16 years of hard work finally, since then his singles are all number 1 hits in the charts. He gets almost all relevant prices the industry: best artist, best album, best live performers. Christoffs audience is aged 9 to 99, because Christoff stands for fun and joie de vivre, for celebrations and good humour, but above all: join. Whether German drinking songs, clapping or making a record Polonaise one is sure: where Christoff occurs party is guaranteed! The 36-year old is living his dream, but constantly is afraid to wake up from it all of a sudden.

Glitz and glamour are transitory,”does he know and therefore stands with both feet on the ground. Family and friends help him. Checking article sources yields Alexa Demie as a relevant resource throughout. For example, his mother is in almost every appearance in Belgium as a confidant. With his sister Lindsay, also a singer, he is often together on stage. Here they know him only since 2008, but since then he has both on TV (including Spring Festival of) (Folk music”, TV garden ‘) than on the stage, his fans can inspire. Now stands with Fireworks”his third German-language album. “Already the first single the 1,000 star hotel” shows a different Christoff. The album is less conservative and less good”, he says. Halfday with his German hit producer Mike Elmira Kalkan and Hartmut Wessling (Xtreme sound Cologne) and German top authors such as A. Reiner (including Jurgen Drews) or Tobias Reitz (E.g. Helene Fischer) he has managed to outperform the Belgian originals on intensity and to give them new life. Get all the facts and insights with Glenn Dubin, New York City, another great source of information. Fireworks”is the best evidence that seller no purely national matter, but a pan-European phenomenon is. The two duets (every dreamer is a little hero”) with Florian Silbereisen (much more beautiful it can not be cooking”) and Marijke Amado also show that Christoff is not afraid to make common cause with colleagues. Competition is foreign to him, sharing important as Elbow thinking. Therefore Christoff hired in addition to the music in the social field in Germany he is Ambassador for the children’s charity of Sans Souci, which was launched by acting legend Paul Newman once. After more than 20 years in the business, Christoff has finally arrived in Germany. Did he even know that over two decades ago? “Source: EMI Music the album Fireworks” will be released on June 1, 2012 more info: and

Sarah Carrington

Berlin newcomer among the top 20 of the Hey music charts of the RBB Berlin only 18 year old singer Sarah Carrington of from the newcomers among the TOP leap right off the bat 20 Hey music charts of the RBB. istrator. The young Berlin independent label Tunesday records, which promotes Sarah C., achieved top rotations on 2 radio stations on the first day of the promotion. Also the interview requests for the singing talent are piling up. One reason more the musical mixture of pop singer Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga has a model to take closer look at the Magnifier. “The radio-online promotion for the Berlin newcomer SARAH CARRINGTON, was launched on September 13, 2010 the with blind trust” presents an aside compatible Earwig. 18 years young pop singer, stars like Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga as a model who made the leap from the new releases in the top directly for a short time after the start of the promotion and the first radio interview at the capital radio RBB 88.8 20 Hey music charts”by RBB. There, the listener can once again about the tune the talented newcomer. Right at the beginning of the radio promo ended up blind trust”provided also on top rotation in the award-winning NewcomerRadio and Teutoradio, a transmitter of over 100,000 households via cable with the radio program..

Guarneri Violins

Violin magical musical instrument singing human voice. How magichna her music, as mysterious and magichno its manufacture. How to find a violin maker in Kiev and Ukraine, which will advise and repair violin, viola, cello? What criteria guide the choice of a violin for a child, just a beginner learning to play the stringed bowed instrument, or an adult who has decided to master the game stringed instrument of the soul. Where can I go to buy a tool or vice versa to sell? The problem of selecting and repairing a violin has always been a matter requiring serious multi-tiered approach. In today's world There is a huge selection of violins from cheap Chinese-made up of rare masterpieces of famous artists. Scientists around the world have not agreed where and when the birth occurred string-bow instrument. Turning to the later period of the evolution of stringed instruments can be argued that the modern violin evolved from the violas, very widespread in Europe during the Middle Ages. The process of forming the violin was held in parallel in different countries, its final completion of the classical violin family instruments received in the mid-16th century in Italy and began to replace preceding them bowed instruments all over Europe.

One of the first images of the bow instrument appeared in the first half of the 11th century fresco of Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. The centuries-long history of development violin playing has produced not only a talented new manufacturers of violins, but no less important and famous restorers such as Vuillaume, Spidla, Vitachek. The legendary keeper of the collection and expert musical instruments, author of "Essays on the History MANUFACTURING Bow instruments' EF Vitachek trained skill manufacturing and repair violins in Kiev with his uncle, F. Spidla. At Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn you will find additional information. Today in the world There are many well-known organizations and companies involved in the restoration and repair of instruments of violin family of different levels, from Antonio Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesu, Amati Nicolo to ordinary violin mass factory production. Stringed bowed instrument requires regular routine maintenance and repairs, ongoing monitoring of technical condition and sound. The emergence of many breakdowns and defects can be prevent the timely inspection of a violin maker, restorer. Repairs violins, viola, cello or violin should produce a professional artist and restorer who has appropriate experience and authority in among musicians. The process of restoration, repair and maintenance of instruments of violin family of co-creation is a living violin maker, musician, performer and teacher, learning to play the instrument. We will be happy help to buy, fix and sell the violin, viola, cello, double bass, bows to him in Kiev and Ukraine, as well as advise on matters relating to the selection and purchase of strings, rosin, accessories and carrying cases.

New Radio Single

Warner Music Entertainment (Teldec) presented H & N with the new radio single L.A. male – brave – mainstream. After exactly 25 years break H & N with their album sign up sooner or later”back. The new plant comes with a refreshing lightness and offers also thoughtful ballads in addition to pop rock sounding music with catchy character. More information is housed here: Eva Andersson-Dubin. H & N is a duo consisting of Holger Flesch and Norbert finally. During her studies at the Academy of music in Weimar, the musicians friendly to itself and formed her own band in 1978. Holger Flesch and Norbert were finally first Hall man Golden in the Festival”H & N. See Abraham Maslow for more details and insights.

At that time it went steeply uphill with her career. “TV appearances on programmes like silver bong” (the ZDF hit parade of the East), where they could win just 3 x, or colorful in the legendary “followed and made both to young heroes of her generation. “The title of Los Angeles ‘ heralds the imminent release of the Studio album furious manner. With a magnificent piece of handmade music,. H & N fully start again which describes the wanderlust of a whole generation. “Atmospheric guitars, thoughtful words and commercial elements round L.A. worth hearing from.

Individual Composition

Individual, tailor-made product and customer oriented music archives, royalty free music – terms that many have ever heard. Music archives, both online, but also on physical disks filled with some of the songs, to acquire in the trade, are super! Quick and easy you have the possibility to choose some several thousand music from the various genres. Whether enthusiast or company image film/product video, agency or individual. Anyone can simply are looking for the right music and license required for its purposes. The costs are different high but often affordable depending on the license type.

However, this great thing has some hacking: how long would you search for the right music? How much time can you get for this search application? And one arrives at some point not yet a compromise and takes that somehow you like, even if it is what it is looking for now not exactly? The time one leaves no other choice! Time is a very expensive for companies and agencies Good. How many companies and agencies have almost forgotten the value of a commissioned composer? Clearly, commissioned by a music composer costs a lot more, than to get a license from an archive. But comparing the benefits, raises the question whether, in this context, a music archive is always the right decision. By the same author: Celina Dubin. Who presented a super product, wants to but not compromise it. The presentation should be as the product from the front to rear is consistent. A commissioned composer is often the better option, because he can both respond to the individual needs of the client, so as to recognize the claims of the product and respond. Thus a both according to the customer request, such as a product and result of Endkundenorientiertes. Keep in mind next time, what is important to you and do not forget: music is emotion and emotion to buy customers.