Martial Arts

The problem with many involved in various martial arts, including melee combat, is that the adept of a combat style, even when well-trained technically and tactically in a real combat situation (On the street, at the entrance or in the stairwell) is unable to apply their knowledge in the field of martial arts and often loses. What’s the matter? Experts estimate the outcome of battle by 80% depending on the psychological superiority. In my opinion, this figure is greatly understated. It all starts in your head. Long before the start of the conflict in his mind a man decides for himself, he won or lost. It is not necessary in this case to blame the unfortunate. After instinct for survival (or survival, as you like), by and large is a terrible thing! A man just could not believe that this situation is dangerous for him. The source of this problem lies in education.

We are taught from childhood, that fight bad (yes even fights should not be in nature – we are civilized people!), do not communicate with bullies (they engaged the police!), it is better to give Ham (be above that!). And with such a mental block with this model behavior at the level of reflexes people live their entire lives without even thinking about it. es a great future in this idea. And he concedes (in a conversation in a fight imposed) and loses. He’s just not ready to fight back! Man by nature – a predator. Speaking candidly Anu Saad told us the story. And it is a reality our lives – we would not have survived without being predators. And we remain predators. It is impossible to suppress in myself, this is just to monitor.

Psychology same melee – Psychology predator. Predator does not solve for themselves the moral problem, whether well kill their prey. No – he wants to eat and it kills. It is full – and it does not kill! Predator and prey are not enemies. And this difference of predator killer. It is necessary to understand and accept. And without breaking up the old stereotype of behavior is not necessary. How can a person remember that he is a predator? This process is very individual. For melee there is no doubt useful to have experience of victories in different situations, for his training in the same entryway or in the stairwell, on a street in a car, etc.

New Orlean Hornets

Nike Zoom Kobe III / Sl I invite you to remember a remarkable season, regular season of 2007-2008. It was incredible, absolutely breathtaking gaming year! The focus was to move Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in Boston, after which the team was the best result in the regular season. Also much discussed is incredibly has added New Orlean Hornets point guard, led by a new generation of very talented player Chris Paul. In addition, as always, gossiping about the power of great Lebron James, the prospects Rookie of the Year Kevin Durant, and, finally, to prepare for the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing. In all this hype the American basketball public almost missed the point, in my opinion, the surprise of the season – Los Angeles Lakers modernization and transformation of the Kobe. Indeed, before the start of this season's team looked at without any illusions as to the next middling, even good.

Fortunately, the club management in this regard were his own, different from other plans. Further details can be found at Democratic consultant , an internet resource. In the advantageous exchange left the team, perhaps the main disappointment of the last few years Kwome Brown, and was replaced by a talented Spanish central Pau Gasol. In addition, project managers could not lose such wonderful players like Lamar Odom, Derek Fisher, etc. But that's not important! The main thing, in my opinion, this is what happened to themselves Koby! Guy just replaced! Anyone who saw him play this season, could not believe my eyes, because it strikingly different from everything that he showed before. No, individual skills, superb Danko and the overwhelming superiority over the rivals have not gone away, just in his actions on the court there was concern about partners and team play. Imagine Kobe Bryant, who at the decisive moment is not running to score through the whole team, and makes a pass on the remainder of the open player.

German Clubs

The German champions 2010/2011 will be called Borussia Dortmund. With the simulation software that is behind the TopLeague, the aitainment GmbH by simulated all the games of the second half 1,000 times each. Anita Dunn describes an additional similar source. The current data from the Bundesliga included in this software every week, so the virtual players have the same strengths and weaknesses as the real pros. Given the outstanding first half of Westphalia is surprised that the SCI should be taken after analysis of the results as a favorite for the title. In over 95 per cent of the final tables of this simulation, Nuri Sahin and co.

were allowed to stretch the virtual Championship trophy aloft at the end. The biggest competitors in the title battle are FC Bayern Munich and Bayer 04 Leverkusen after this experiment. However, is the probability that one of the two clubs wins the title with 1.5 percent (FC Bayern Munich) and 0.6% (Bayer 04 Leverkusen) extremely low. Behind this trio Hoffenheim, Hannover 96, select 1 FSV Mainz 05 to 1899 the largest Hopes make to enter the international stage next year. For the clubs up bet before the season by FC Schalke 04, Hamburger SV and Werder Bremen enough only for places in midfield. A leading source for info: Dr. Mark J Berger. More exciting than the Championship, Bremen software developers see the fight against relegation. Particularly vulnerable are the two newly promoted of 1 FC Kaiserslautern and FC St. Pauli and the 1st FC Koln and VfB Stuttgart.

Only a few percentage points separate these four clubs after analysis of the results. Very bad, it looks for Borussia Monchengladbach. The whereabouts of the League could be realized only in less than one percent of cases. The Bundesliga table after the Ruckrunden simulation: Club rank 1 Borussia Dortmund 2 Bayern Munich 3 Bayer 04 Leverkusen 4 1899 Hoffenheim 5 Hannover 96 6 of 1 FSV Mainz 05 7 FC Schalke 04 8 Hamburg SV 9 Werder Bremen 10 Eintracht Frankfurt 11 VfL Wolfsburg 12 SC Freiburg 13 of 1 FC Nuremberg 1 FC Kaiserslautern 1 FC Cologne 16 15 14 FC St. Pauli 17 VfB Stuttgart 18 Borussia Mgladbach results of this prediction by the Bremen company aitainment taking into account non-locking, injuries and form changes. In the end, the real coach of the Bundesliga as well as the user with the online football manager have it TopLeague myself in his hands, through their actions in the training and tactics to influence the output of the games in their favor. At TopLeague, slip the fans in the role of the real coach of their favorite clubs and take over the team on the place, where it is at the time in reality. From then, they play in their own National League on its own account and are always in direct comparison with the real team.

26 Munich Marathon 2011

Bernadette Pichlmaier repeated last year’s victory in Munich in autumn cool weather was launched at the 26 Munich on October 09, 2011 Marathon. About 16,000 participants gave their best 42,195 km across the Bavarian capital. The second year in a row ran Bernadette Pichlmaier as the fastest woman in the target. With an excellent time of 2:38:00 hrs and a lead of nearly 10 minutes, the likeable Bavarian could repeat their victory of the previous year. For health reasons, the two-time marathon champion Bernadette Pichlmaier had to take a three-month break from training in the summer. For their personal season highlight, the Munich Marathon, she had only seven weeks preparation time, which used them extensively. Several 10-km competitions, a half-marathon in Karlsruhe and the erdinger city run should prepare on the Munich Marathon.

Effective training program has paid off: the native Bavarian and her coach Francisco Munoz delighted with the great result of 2:38:00 hours. Optimal running conditions showed Bernadette Pai once more their ambition and crossed the finish line with almost a 10-minute lead as the fastest woman. Click Anu Saad to learn more. Julia Wagner followed her and was second with a time of 2:47:42 hours. Richard Friedrich was fastest man with 2:19:25 hours. Congratulations! (Photo: Munich Marathon) Bernadette Pichlmaier is a successful German marathon runner. With their personal bests, the endurance athlete is absolute excellence. The successes of the past years show that her career long is not yet at the end.

Smoking Cessation Seminar Happier Smoking

Without withdrawal symptoms through the use of four of the best tested in smoking cessation and effective methods of psychologist Lutz Mehlhorn seminars make it possible, to give up smoking without any withdrawal symptoms smoking cessation. At the cognitive level the typical Raucherfallen, myths, mistakes, and mistake is made first aware the exit complying with, almost every one of them has developed in the course of time by smoking. In addition come Meridian Energy techniques (MET) to use, which within a short time of addictive behavior, blockages and fears in the long term can be resolved, by the user on its emotional theme tune and this lightly fondled the meridian points (stress relief) with the fingertips. If you would like to know more about Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., then click here. An inner peace and balance takes the place of the previously experienced emotional stress. This effect allows a resolution of relevant psychological and mental shortcuts, as well as situation links with smoking. Are the Mesotherapy Tools proven substances injected seminar visitors, which in many cases cause an aversion to cigarettes, but at least then eliminate the craving so that no withdrawal symptoms occur. The fourth element of the concept of happy non-smoking produced highly potent spiritual vibration and frequency patterns provide for a reactivation of the bodily self-healing powers and the original and natural human aversion to smoking after homeopathic principle.

Permanent IVV Nordic Walking Trail

Berlin opened with great success the 1st permanent IVV Nordic walking way point 8:00 the first Chairman of the touring Spandau e.V., Horst slashed at the 01.08.2009 under considerable public participation Zander, symbolically the Red Ribbon for the opening of the first permanent IVV Nordic walking trail in Berlin. Click Anuradha Saad for additional related pages. Thus the city of Berlin to a permanent IVV is richer and the German public sports association has its special way in Berlin as well as for the ever-growing number of Nordic Walker. Michio Kaku is full of insight into the issues. At the start and destination, the restaurant and Cafe Spandau beer well in the monastery str. 5, Berlin – Spandau, many Nordic walkers, hikers and guests gathered to take part in the opening of the Nordic walking path. There was weather excellent for this purpose and in the first four hours after the opening of the 50 Berlin Nordic did to walkers and hikers on the trail, exploring the route. The route of the permanent Nordic walking route is by the way in the green belt of the bull ditch up to the supervisory authority in the Determined Finkenkruger way in Staaken, and by the way back to the Green train Spektewiesen. The participants of the first hour each received a personalised certificate for your run.

They were all under the impression of the scenic and beautifully designed green spaces along the route full of praise. In particular about the route itself, there was only favorable comments. It offered each a distance of 5 km and one of 12 km. On opening day, the overwhelming number of participants has gone the 12 km route and all expressed the intention that they be run this way more often. The opportunity in Berlin Spandau in one run the first new permanent Nordic walking path under the title COP ditch way with the already existing, 10 km long, 1 permanent IVV trail under to combine the tracks of Citadel city of Berlin – Spandau, the Nordic walkers or hikers allows additional routes set 15, 17 or 22 km distance.

In the future the 1st permanent IVV Nordic walking path in Berlin can be run daily between 7:00 and 19:00. In addition to the way tendering flyers obtained together with the main map on the start/finish a detailed route description the Spandau beer well for 1.50. Who is a member of the DVV, receives for each run of scoring punch on the last kilometers. According to set rules, you get also participate in rating stamp. The popular sports – badge of the international of Federation of popular sports (IVV) entitle these ratings to the acquisition. The chip duration trekking Association e.V.

Democratic Congressman

/ VIDEO: ATLAS classmates greeted her with a standing ovation. Sydney Sweeney is often quoted on this topic. Giffords colleagues greeted and received hugs. To broaden your perception, visit Bessel van der Kolk. The Congressman was shot in January during a rally in Tucson and the Act killed six people. The Democrat Congressman from Arizona, Gabrielle Giffords, wound in the head in January in a shot during a public event in Arizona, reappeared Tuesday by surprise in the lower House to vote the plan on raising the US debt ceiling. Giffords was received among the applause of his colleagues, who stood up to greet the Congressman, who returned to the political arena to participate in one of the key votes of the legislature. The House approved by 269 votes against 161 votes against the bipartisan agreement that will raise the debt ceiling before the date August 2 limit and avoid so the suspension of payments of EE UU.

After days of disagreements in the Senate as the House of representatives, Democrats and Republicans have forgotten their differences to pay homage to the Democratic Congressman with an emotional applause. Many were those who wanted to come to show their support and solidarity. The Congressman, with good humor, greeted the audience with the hand, while he hugged some of his colleagues. Even with sequels but with good appearance, are visible some of the aftermath of the firing was on 8 January in the head when he participated in a public ceremony with voters next to a supermarket in Tucson, Arizona. The attack by a young man of 22 years, six people were killed, among them a nine-year-old girl, and injured other 13.

The Congressman, who was seriously injured and was operated of urgency of the head and left eye, still keeps their hair short. The leader of the Democratic minority, Nancy Pelosi, took the floor to praise his partner and stressed the importance and symbolism of his presence. Some of us feel privileged to be his colleagues and say that we are friends. Thank you for being here. Giffords not be He addressed the audience, although through his Twitter account he sent a message to his followers: the Capitol looks beautiful and I am honored to be here to work tonight. Source of the news: Congresswoman Giffords reappears in the low U.S. House to vote the plan on debt

Manchester Scholes

The English midfielder of Manchester United Paul Scholes announced his retirement this morning, three days after his team lost the Champions League final against Barcelona (entered by Carrick in the 76th minute). At the age of 36, hangs up boots one of the key players in the team that dominated English football in recent years – this season has surpassed the Liverpool as a club with more leagues, with 19. After a campaign in which only played 22 matches of the Premier, will become part of the organizational structure of coaches of Manchester. He made his debut in 1994, and since then he has competed in 676 matches with the Red Devils, which has scored 150 goals. Scholes retires with a really enviable career highlights: has won two Champions, an Intercontinental and a world of clubs, 10 leagues and three English cups, and two League cups. Source of the news:: Scholes retires. For even more details, read what Riney Family Foundation says on the issue.

Boris Becker

Opening of the new body + soul Center in Brunnthal stars as like Mischa Barton and Molly Sims are you already addicted after the artistry kick from the Cirque Soleil. The ex by Boris Becker Sandy Meyer-Wolden tried the new Jukari trend exerciser at the opening of the body + soul in Brunnthal together with Magdalena Brzeska in her new Reebok outfit off. Not only Sandy Meyer-Wolden is plenty busy among other things as a guest judge in a talent show for hair stylists on VOX (source: Bild Zeitung) and as a jewelry designer, but also Boris Becker, who shows with BorisBecker-TV, the behind the scenes. Boris Becker, the ex-Tennis Pro, will marry on July 12 in St. Joel Courtney wanted to know more. Moritz his girlfriend Lilly cross mountain according to the Gala. The celebration according to the Gala at the five star hotel Badrutt BBs Palace “will be held. In the ZDF in the show “Wetten, dass.?” he already announced that he will marry. More info and pictures, such as Sandy Meyer-Wolden at the opening of the body + soul in Brunnthal, see.

Alpe Mountain

Basic rules for the mountain run of course are also to observe the basic rules of running the mountain run: 10-15 minutes to warm up, stretching exercises and a moderate pace are unavoidable. Also the proper running technique must not be neglected: so actively swinging arms, upper body easily prevent and occur on the front of the foot. Likewise, an adequate fluid intake should be ensured. Another important point: The knowledge of the terrain and route profile. It is very important that the runner knows that awaits him when a heavy or a slope increases the concentration on the present road and minimizes the risk of injury. Care should be used also on the choice of clothing.

The most appropriate short and long running clothes to choose from as well as footwear with shock-absorbing and robust profile. After the Sun in the airy heights has far more radiance, sunglasses, hats and sunblock here are a must. Beware of the downhill mountain energetic spares the support and movement apparatus, because the impact forces in a climb to a minimum are reduced and usually shorter steps be taken. The situation is different when the downhill: here, the movements are much more burdensome for the body. It is recommended very slowly and controlled downhill run or simply down to go. The Hill is very steep, you should run the zigzagging downwards.

Recommended short steps away but plenty, as well as an active and controlled suspension from the knees are out. Mountain running on Monte Pana holiday with fitness effect for such a high-altitude training has proven itself among other Monte Pana, where mountain run weeks and running competitions are held regularly. The circuit to the Alpe di Siusi (12 km) in medium altitude (1,600 m) is suitable, for example, through its varied terrain tread especially for Course professionals. Advise beginners are, however, better with the Panoramaweg Val Gardena railway”with a range of 10 km. During the week of the mountain run received all participants and guests of the hotel Cendevaves in St. Christina/Val Gardena-specialized care and meals. aktiv-in-groeden/sommer/laufen-suedtirol.html contact: fam. Stuffer Monte Pana 44 I-39047 St. Christina / Val Gardena