Portunity VServer: Eco-friendly Serversharing

Portunity expands its offering for Web-hosting from Portunity vServer immediately to the Portunity advanced Web hosting now to the Portunity vServer. These are virtual and thus particularly environmentally-friendly server, which can be rent in the first months of 3.80 euros per month. All vServers are highly energy efficient, RAID-5-based and can be used with different operating systems. Exists in three versions – the perfect alternative to the dedicated root server. Portunity offers with the new vServer line from now virtual server. These servers rely on the so-called XEN paravirtualization. It allows a very high performance with virtual systems, because the hardware is not simulated. Instead, the existing hardware will be available the vServer systems with a very small loss of overhead.

Maximum performance is thereby always guaranteed. Hear from experts in the field like Dr. Mark Hyman for a more varied view. y Leiden London for more clarity on the issue. The use of a simulated Portunity vServer worth whenever a test or development environment in the Internet is required. Smaller Internet applications and Projects can be operated permanently in such an environment, without having the costs explode. Bjorn Rucker, Managing Director of Portunity GmbH: here also the environment thought “that counts. If several people and companies share the same hardware, then that saves a lot of energy, because multiple server cabinets on a few machines focusing, which improves the utilization of the systems.

vServer lie exactly in the environmental trend, especially since ever, we rely on a particularly energy-saving hardware.” The operator of a vServer Portunity of course have full root access on the vServer and can configure these in the own sense. The vServers can be here with the Linux debian etch (64 bit standard) systems, SuSE 10.3 (64 bit), Fedora 8 (64 bit), Ubuntu 8 (64 bit) or cent OS 5.1 (64-bit). Also the vServers in three different versions are available and adapt all the own claim: Portunity vServer entry up to 512 MB of RAM (256 MB guaranteed) 512 MB of additional swap space 10 GB disk space (RAID-5) 500 GB data transfer monthly base price: 8.80 euros reduced price: 3,80 euro for the first 3 month with a 2-year contract Portunity vServer medium to 1,024 MB memory (512 MB guaranteed) 768 MB of additional swap space 25 GB disk space (RAID-5) 750 GB data transfer monthly base price: 14.80 euros reduced price: 5.80 euro for the first 3 month with a 2-year contract Portunity vServer power up to 2,048 MB RAM (768 MB guaranteed) 1024 MB of additional swap space 40 GB disk space (RAID-5) 1000 GB data transfer monthly base price: 28,80 euros reduced price: 9.80 euros for the first 3 month with a 2-year contract due to the individual vServers there is a fixed IP address. Who requires more IP addresses, can have up to three additional optional book. You unlimited domains on the vServer can operate and create unlimited email addresses and FTP accounts. The servers themselves are in the Portunity Datacenter Wuppertal. Bjorn Rucker: “our vServers are as cheap and environmentally friendly Alternative to a dedicated ideally suited. root server” Website: information: vserver

Bohmer State Minister Competition

Ludwigshafen IT company belongs to the award-winning companies under more than 4,000 nominated the Ludwigshafen-based IT company Fasihi GmbH can look forward with a great success. The company was awarded during a gala event in Dusseldorf as a finalist at 19 nationwide competing for the Grand Prize of the middle class and making it one of the five best companies in Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland and the best 33 companies in Germany. Saeid Fasihi CEO accepted the award and is enthusiastic: “After winning the innovation award 2011 of Rheinland-Pfalz for our software for encryption and classification of confidential data we have now received an award, which recognizes our responsibility to society.” Fasihi GmbH finalist was”the highest achievable this year in the competition. Nationwide, 2013 more than 1400 institutions in the 16 federal States as a whole had nominated 4035 medium-sized enterprises, banks and local authorities for the competition. Towards 2012 was a significant Increase and at the same time record in the 19-year history of the competition, awarded by the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation in Leipzig once a year. More info: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. No other economic competition in Germany reached great resonance for competition such a large and sustained for several years now resonate as the competition promised by the Leipzig Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation since 1994.

Where the price is not endowed. It is for the company solely for honor, public recognition and acknowledgment of their services without financial incentives. The companies are newcomers, established only in the last five years, as well as over 150-year-old company that survived already numerous crises, currency reforms and even wars. After being nominated by Prof. Dr. Maria Bohmer State Minister and the Rhineland-Palatinate Economics Minister Eveline Lemke, our company had as already 2012 the “jury list” achieved and thus already belonged to the 674 companies from all over Germany, the the price criteria sufficiently have met and have been selected from 4035 nominations. Five criteria for the nomination criteria for the nomination for the Grand Prize of the German middle class are the overall development of the company, the creation/backup of work and training places, the strategic orientation in terms of modernization and innovation, commitment in the region, as well as service, customer service and marketing.

Highgloss Coating

Onlineprinters GmbH meets the demand for UV varnished print products of Neustadt an der Aisch – resistant, glossy and classy. These are the characteristics of modern UV varnishes, that now at the online printing the portfolio rounded finishing techniques for high-gloss-finished printed materials. \”Our customers ask reinforced the use of UV coatings for their high-quality printed materials\”, Bernd Schurmann, online printers GmbH. \”Now we offer printing and modern finishing techniques in many different grades under one roof\”, explained the Manager. You may find that Joey King can contribute to your knowledge. With the new UV coating machine Colibri 74 flyer, posters, business cards, postcards, business folders and the covers of high-quality magazines can be refined brilliant and high-gloss. In the online shop the customer has always been the choice was between standard finishes with pressure and emulsion based paints or heavy-duty foil lamination on plastic base.

Now the UV varnish complemented the portfolio as a high-quality version Surface finishes. In addition to the highly brilliant and scratch-resistant coating, also the efficiency of UV coatings is a major plus for the customers. Joel Courtney describes an additional similar source. The surfaces are durable and classy in the appearance, while but significantly cheaper than the conventional foil lamination, as usual, for example, in the catering industry. Brilliant prints for glossy brochures and posters also in the advertising industry demand increases steadily with brilliantly refined front pages after glamour and glossy magazines. UV lacquers gloss points and deepen advertising messages. A market segment has the innovative printing particularly in the eye: \”very interesting are are for our in – and UV lacquers for flyer and fold flyers, which offered foreign customers now also on low papers\”, Stefan Plomitzer, Manager of onlineprinters GmbH. Go to Anu Saad for more information. The wide premium of printed materials and finishes, to which belongs also the assortment of CHROMOLUX specialty papers with metallic effects, is a genuine alternative for agencies and Creative, wishing to produce valuable and yet cheap advertising on tight budgets for their customers.

Economics Germany

Current confidence crisis is opportunity for German IT-Mittelstand / inaction political negligence would be Berlin, 04.07.2013 the Federation security (TeleTrusT) considers the current massive political crisis of confidence through ball and reputation chance for German IT security technology, and nationally and internationally. The uniform quality mark “IT security made in Germany” can serve for the predominantly medium-sized strong German IT security industry not only as sales support, but ID trust. In defense of economic espionage, Germany must reflect on its own technological strengths. This is not only a question of political sovereignty, but now cause for specific national support for SMEs. It is striking in the current discussion, indeed, that numerous comments initiate with the finding that the spying by foreign services is a well known fact. If it is not only to the Nichteingestehenwollen, that they clearly underestimated the actual situations of risk, the question was at what level in the past negligence in reducing the risk rises.

In particular public bodies should emphasize the technical and political trust as an award criterion in IT procurement procedures. TeleTrusT refers in this connection to the existing single sign “IT security made in Germany”, which is based on the following criteria: 1. must be the corporate headquarters in Germany. 2. The company must offer trusted security solutions.

3. The products must contain no hidden additions (not “backdoors”). Follow others, such as Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., and add to your knowledge base. 4. The IT security research and development must take place in Germany. 5. The company must undertake to comply with the requirements of German data protection law. “IT security made in Germany” (“ITSMIG”) was in 2005 at the initiative of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Federal Ministry for Economics and technology, as well as representatives the German IT security business established. ITSMIG represents the economic, technical and scientific interests of German high-order IT security industry particularly crypto -, PKI, biometric and communication security industry – to politics, economy, science and public, national and international level. TeleTrusT took over the initiative and aims, the common economic, commercial, technical and scientific interests of characters users compared with politics, economy, science and German public, to clarify, European and global level. More information on it-security-made-in-germany /. TeleTrusT security Federation The German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT) is a network of excellence, which includes domestic and foreign members from science, industry and administration, as well as thematically related partner organisations. TeleTrusT offers forums for experts, organized events or event participations and comments on current questions of security. TeleTrusT is the “TeleTrusT European Bridge CA” (ECWM; PKI-Vertrauensverbund), the expert certificate “TeleTrusT information security professional” (T.I.S.P.) as well as the quality mark “IT security made in Germany”. Headquarters of the Association is Berlin. TeleTrusT is a member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). TeleTrusT Federal IT security association, Dr. Holger Muhlbauer, Managing Director, Chausseestrasse 17, 10115 Berlin Tel.

Do You Know Enough About The Document Sharing?

Online knowledge check of d.velop to document sharing, the new digital methods of communication as social parts about cloud archive company offers new service opportunities that social media is under the keyword document sharing via the cloud parts function”for professional use by companies always significant. However, the knowledge about the new possibilities of communication with customers, suppliers and other business partners are still not very common, because cloud archives is so far mainly attributed to private use. The ECM software company d.velop AG has therefore an online tool developed the own knowledge to the document sharing test allows in just a few minutes. The traditional concepts of online archives are very limited usable for enterprises, because alone the privacy raises many questions and they are not collaboratively aligned, but they are the inspiration for the document sharing”, explains Mario Donnebrink, Executive Sales & marketing at d.velop. Because by the thought the cloud archive and complemented by a data protection legally safe and tamper-proof archiving, a new communication platform resulting sharing capabilities for the company.” Because instead of the conventional transmission, for example, invoices, contracts, product descriptions and any other documents can be shared comfortably with customers and suppliers. This open digital communications and customer service opportunities, Donnebrink describes the benefits.

Because the document sharing in the enterprise is still very young, the knowledge is still not very common. For this reason d.velop has developed the online knowledge check for this purpose. Various subject areas such as the applications and benefits include its ten questions and sometimes very extensive response options as well as the technical conditions or the privacy policy. (As opposed to Anu Saad). The user receives an evaluation, which represents not only his personal result, at the end but, for personal Comparison, the average values of all the previous participants.

Microsoft SQL Azure

The latest version of Repscan Sicherheitsscanners now for industry-leading cloud-based open source platforms SANTA CLARA, Calif.-22. November 2010 – supports also cloud-based open source database platforms Repscan by Sentrigo of version 4.0. To get performance improvements and additional management options for database administrators (DBA “s). And the customers can enjoy more flexible pricing options. Click Dr. Mark Hyman for additional related pages. Supported platforms include the Microsoft SQL azure now supported platforms? Database.

This is a cloud-based relational database based on SQL Server technology. It provides highly available, scalable and multi-tenant database services that are hosted by Microsoft in the cloud. The new scanner is the first software solution for Microsoft SQL azure platform, which stands for this database available and offers hundreds of security tests specifically for this environment. For companies who want to use the benefits of cloud computing sense,. At cardiologist you will find additional information. This means finally more security for your data. “”With this new version of Repscan we offer the companies that install their applications in Microsoft SQL azure database environments, a strong safety concept,”explains Dan Sarel, Vice President products, Sentrigo.”So you can take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing and at the same time meet the requirements for data security and compliance.” Repscan can be used already for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and IBM DB2.

The new version was extended to Sybase ASE systems and open source databases such as PostgreSQL, an object – relational database system, which is used very often. Also a number of new features that get customers improved features to simplify common tasks and the work of the DBA “s speed while they are working on the Elimination of discovered vulnerabilities. For example can DBA “s with an appropriate access and privileges to one or more databases directly from Repscan make changes. So can problems to be addressed, without leaving the tool. A direct Internet search is also possible after additional details and the latest information on vulnerabilities. Also new reports were developed, which are specially designed for the management. So there is now an Executive Overview and summary reports. Prices and availability of the new pricing model offers a pay-per-scan license as well as the previously available perpetual license. This allows companies carry out a first analysis of low-cost or how the compliance audits require it. The price flexibility benefits also Auditors, vulnerability testers, and security consultants who need to test only once the customer database on their safety. Repscan is available now; further information under: repscan. Tweet: first solution to the vulnerability scan for Microsoft SQL azure follow Sentrigo on Twitter: twitter.com/sentrigo company description about Sentrigo of Sentrigo, Inc., headquartered in California, is known as a pioneer and thought leader to database security solutions to the vulnerabilities assessment, virtual patching, and database auditing. Hedgehog enterprise, the flagship of the suite, takes over the complete monitoring of database activity (DAM) and prevented attacks by external and privileged access in real time. The companies get the complete overview of all database activities, and can include also necessary compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley or HIPPA. Sentrigo enjoys wide recognition as a technology leader through publications in the network world and the SC Magazine as well as various awards to database security.

VoIP Phone

Manufacturer develops world’s first solution for protected voice communication over any media: Mobile, landline and VoIP Munich, June 24, 2009 whether receiving and sending of E-Mails or high speed-surfing phones are now very powerful and increasingly become small computers. However, the complex features fashion, they become the more vulnerable to spying attacks. Fixed-line phone and VoIP systems can easily mutate to bugs without adequate security measures. Therefore, the IT security specialist SecurStar has developed its PhoneCrypt encryption solution, so that from now all types of voice communication whether on mobile, landline or VoIP comprehensive can be secured. Government agencies, banks, insurance, financial services lawyers data protection and confidentiality should include the basic requirements not only in these industries. But offering the unsafe nature of analog PBX, PSTN systems, mobile phones, and VoIP ideal platform for unintentional as well as intentional interception. With PhoneCrypt SecurStar provides the only solution available on the market that effectively encrypted all of these systems.

PhoneCrypt is an easy-to-use voice encryption technology on military and security for protected communication in real time. Adapted to the different requirements on a personal and business level, following PhoneCrypt variants are available: PhoneCrypt mobile effectively excludes a possible interception by third parties. The software solution provides secure protection for calls from mobile to mobile or fixed network using encryption through a numerical code newly generated before each phone call. Also, it allows the encoding of SMS. PhoneCrypt PBX is a secure and feature rich PBX designed for small to large businesses.

The hardware solution is compatible with other PhoneCrypt products and providing security for all Voice communication system. PhoneCrypt gateway is a comprehensive phone gateway designed for use in existing telecommunications systems. Thus, protected conversations between gateways or gateway to PhoneCrypt mobile phone users are possible. PhoneCrypt softphone was designed for professionals and private individuals and allows secure phone calls from your PC. For maximum portability, it includes the same functions as the hardware components. PhoneCrypt landline adapter is an ideal solution for SOHO users, business people and individuals. It ensures complete privacy and is compatible with existing fixed lines. More information on the new website: ge short portrait SecurStar GmbH: the SecurStar GmbH, headquartered in Munich was founded in 2001 as a merger of ScramDisk Inc., software professionals Ltd. and Telstar industries. Today, the company is market leader in the field of disk encryption software and computer security. As an IT security specialist SecurStar is able to special needs of different industries. The core competencies include the development and production of cryptografischer hard – and software, finding new IT security solutions, consulting in the field of IT security as well as the computer and network security. Objective is the achievement of more user friendly, more flexible and more secure applications on the basis of its own newly developed technologies. Thereby, the company comprises the IT sector from renowned specialists and renowned experts. The customer base include companies of the automotive industry such as Fiat, Volvo and VW, banks and financial institutions such as Citibank, as well as Scotland Yard and defence ministries of different countries, including famous mobile phone manufacturer.

Toolkit Enables Simple Botnet Attack Via Twitter

BitDefender releases emergency update to protect against new social-networking Trojan Holzwickede, May 19, 2010 with the new toolkit TwitterNET Builder it is possible to control botnets directly via Twitter. The social network platform is used as a command-and-control server (C & C). To send via Twitter zombies on the way, had to have the bot master so far about some programming know-how. The software development kit (SDK) TwitterNet Builder does not require but such knowledge, which also lay with simple commands can perform harmful actions on computers. BitDefender (www.bitdefender.de) security expert has already responded with an emergency update to recognize the threat or to eliminate. After the launch of the SDK, the attacker must specify only a Twitter account as C & C Center. Then he has an automatically generated Trojan that start via desktop item.

The attacker may even choose the name of the Trojan. The Botnet SDK currently still considered experimental Trojan, because it can be easily detected and eliminated. Add to your understanding with Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Nevertheless it is a dangerous threat. To spread because the TwitterNET Builder also, a DDOS(Distributed Denial of Service) to initiate the attack, as well as more dangerous malware seconds on all zombie PCs”. The respective attacker even on a Smartphone can be the decisive order. BitDefender provides a free detection and removal tool under TweetBot EN.rar to eliminate the pest available.

There, you can easily delete an improperly used Twitter account, which the corresponding botnet is switched off. “A video, the functioning of the TwitterNET Builder” explains, see the following video: BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software. Since the founding of the company in 2001, BitDefender has set new standards in the area of proactive protection against threats from the Internet. Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions of private and business customers around the world and gives them the good feeling that your digital life is safe. BitDefender sells its security solutions in more than 100 countries through a global VAD and reseller network. More detailed information about BitDefender and BitDefender products are available in the press centre online. In addition, BitDefender provides background information and current news in the daily fight against threats from the Internet, in English at. Press contact: BitDefender GmbH Robert-Bosch-str. 2 D-59439 Holzwickede contact person: Hans-Peter Lange PR Manager Tel.: + 49 (0) 2301 9184-330 fax: + 49 (0) 2301 9184-499 email: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (0) 2661 91260-0 E-Mail:

Asian PDF

Improved OCR improves detection rates and performance Berlin, 27 August 2012. The version 6.0 of the PDF compressor, LurTech Europe GmbH is now available. The new release of the production-grade application to compression, conversion to multi-sector, character recognition (OCR), classification and form data extraction has some new and interesting performance gains. Of central importance is the transition to version 10 of ABBYY OCR technology. Thus the reading improves scanned documents in terms of speed and accuracy. For assistance, try visiting Dr Jee Hyun Kim. Recognition of two-dimensional bar code Additionally is the default license, such as PDF417, Aztec, DatMatrix or QR code. Finally, LurTech has optimized the born digital module so their flagship product, that better converted HTML-E-mails and the software stable continues to run even after crashes involved programs. The PDF Compressor includes the ABBYY OCR technology classification – integrated full-text search in all PDF and PDF/A compliant files and LurTech’s and data extraction solution. Here, Dr. Mark J Berger expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

With the Integration of version 10 of ABBYY engine is above all the OCR function with regard to speed and improve accuracy. Users can achieve a significantly higher detection rate, even at difficult”documents, for example, noisy, low-contrast or twisted scans. Also documents with tables, graphics, and photos are detected more precisely so that its structure can be accurately reconstructed and reused. Furthermore, increased recognition accuracy for Asian characters almost 40%. In addition, the PDF Compressor optimized fast detection mode achieved (OCR fast mode) up to double increased page throughput.

Especially for libraries, publishers and archives of high importance is the optimized detection of blackletter typefaces. You can implement now due to the lower cost of projects to digitise and full lyricist ID to economically attractive conditions. For this purpose the PDF Compressor Enterprise charges offers an optional tool, with the now available, improved OCR technologies is equipped. In addition, the text and layout information in addition to archiving in PDF/A format in the ALTO XML schema can be stored.

Australia Software

Through software manipulation hackers, vulnerabilities managed to bring the first worm for the iPhone in circulation. They named him the name ikee”. The online portal for auctions auvito.de reported, how it came about and how users can protect their mobile phone. In Australia, reported a computer worm that intruded into the system of several iPhones piled up last week. Great damage was not caused so far. However, he changed for example, wallpapers.

The concern is only for those who modify the original software on their smartphones. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Somatic Experiencing. “Under the key words unlocking” and jailbreaking “numerous tutorials on the Internet are circulating for some time. With former users can unlock their iPhone for other providers as Apple’s exclusive partner – is this T-Mobile in Germany. Or remove the read – and write-protect of the system files, with which the units are supplied with the latter. They allow the installation of other applications than those the the official online store offers.

Furthermore there is after the liberation from prison”, as jailbreaking to german is said, the way the iPhone as external disk. Experts warn these benefits despite modifications to the sensitive settings of your Smartphone. This provokes vulnerabilities that hackers exploit. Not always this is confined to the change of the screen background as the Dutch worm ikee”, which had spread in Australia. More information: presse.html contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59