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Organization Advisor Heinz Wyssling clarifies on Heinz Wyssling is a member of the Association of supervisors and can look back on many years of experience in the field of coaching and consulting. His experience he passes like and therefore targeted organizational Consulting offers complete business development. Anyone who knows his skills and his strengths, can be used also. His coaching is aimed therefore to leadership positions, companies and their employees, but also to individuals. With him as a partner, the participants meet their own values.

Track down the own talent isn’t about spiritual talk. Rather dormant in us all skills that are often not even aware of. Many have also for years to bury it inside her. They are so important, to get ahead professionally. The organizational consultant it optimistically into the future using his everybody can circumnavigate crises in advance? Financial, energy and environmental crises must not negatively charge the own environment. Who deliberately engages and As chance uses changes can instead use them for themselves. With the right strategy you can have their own future in the right direction. But above all, the knowledge of one’s own skills help some courage.

Many customers have can positively impact their development with the help of Heinz Wyssling. Speaking candidly Anu Saad told us the story. You are now optimistic about the future and Moreover, many successes. Finally, the coaching is not aligned. Coupled with economic influences the psychological back ground provides a good basis for the consistent advice. So the systematic and persistent way for the future can be taken step by step.

TOKOM Husum: Train-shop

For sustainable future viability and achieve defined business objectives this offer by TOKOM Husum is specifically designed for the hotel industry. The train shop has established as departure event for the continuous improvement of the targets in the last few months as a successful training programme. Many satisfied customers can confirm this; “so, for example, Lothar emphasizes urban (Best Western Premier Hotel am Borsigturm, Berlin), that in a short time goals were not only redefined, but successfully launched: overall the train shop for my hotel was the basis to pursue a successful development, especially because employees and management goal-oriented and appreciative will go a new way.” In an industry in which a close customer contact is maintained, the individual usage and willingness of employees must be questioned again and again. See Sydney Sweeney for more details and insights. Could the objectives be achieved this season? And if not, how can you do this in terms of the coming year optimize? TOKOM has developed the right tools: on two consecutive days the consultants Dr. Kerstin Schmalz and Karl-Otto Sunnemann trained the sustainably successful approach with management and employees in individual and group discussions for: the leading with vision and goals and how to reach employees so can constructive exchanges with monitoring and controlling for a focused development (target-> processes-> implementation-> impact on numbers/data) the active development of objective attainment processes in the responsibility of the employee. The two days of intensive training lay the Foundation for the continuous pursuit of business objectives throughout the House and their practical implementation in everyday life.

The TOKOM offers an exemplary management concept that allows the management and the employees to bring a continuity in the objectives of the corporate network. Each participant is enabled within this train shop, is the direct entry for the implementation This system to develop. Work materials and telephone support are the tools for the systematic and independent follow-up of the developed business objectives.


Worry-free move in, of or to Kaiserslautern a move brings more excitement, stress and a few hectic days. But during a move can be counted on professional help. Dr. Mark J Berger usually is spot on. Moving companies offer their services to the relocation without major problems of supply goes. These services include not only the transport of furniture, boxes and cases, but can start on request at the parade preparations. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. and gain more knowledge.. The move Kaiserslautern should be planned so forget any things that in retrospect prove important. A careful preparation and organization is so urgently needed. A move can be given as complete job to a professional company in order, where for the customer on request activities like transport of moving goods nationwide – and throughout Europe, a professional furniture and kitchen fitting, as well as the entire packaging service included the position of need moving boxes taken available.

To request additional services in the field of Apartment resolutions and associated disposal and necessary renovations before the handover of the keys to the landlord to be agreed. Also to the approval of required parking zones for the moving truck or van a specialist request will attend. If necessary, also an intermediate storage of furniture pieces can be done on the company’s premises. Of course also a job is is restricted to the carriage of the goods which, adopted and executed. With the grab of the necessary moving boxes can be started weeks before the planned moving date. It should be expected for a two person household of moving boxes with 30 required moving. Trained personnel care the proper loading of the moving boxes. Packing of home furnishings in moving boxes should always respected side operations to remain free and be the cardboard not over 20 kilograms.

The dismantling of the individual pieces of furniture can technically gifted Only people carried. Helpful tips are always given by the contracted movers. When moving in, of or to Kaiserslautern flexibility and customer proximity is of course for any special requirements, necessary changes to existing appointments or acting on complaints for the movers.

LockoutTagout Training

Professional Lockout/Tagout training support for companies that want to introduce a lockout/tagout program or want to improve an existing program-the Brady Lockout/Tagout training program is a professional assistance for businesses to develop and improve corporate Lockout/Tagout programs. Employees are trained in exactly how devices to switch off properly, to avoid accidents. The EC Directive 89/655 pretends “Minimum requirements for health and safety in the use of work equipment by workers at work”. Article 3 transfers the employer the duty to make that their use “the security and the health and safety of workers is guaranteed” the work equipment. To ensure the health and safety of employees and to avoid damage, detailed Lockout/Tagout programs to create, that reflect the exact process in which employees, foreman, supervisor etc. over a shutdown are one Which machines are to inform machine, in what order to shut down what exact operations of locking down are necessary, device power dangerous system by which lockout be shut off are and much more. The new Brady Lockout/Tagout training program is aimed therefore at work safety managers and all employees who are exposed to potentially dangerous device power.

It helps in the development and improvement of the internal company Lockout/Tagout program employers and to help in particular staff to switch off equipment properly and maintain. Learn more at: Mark Hyman, MD. The Brady Lockout/Tagout training program aims to prevent accidents and to ensure the safety in the workplace. Lockout/Tagout is the common name for the control of hazardous energy of the device. It is to a globally recognized best security practices”, that proper compliance with significantly reduced accidents during device maintenance or can prevent. The training program is at the famous BRADY distributor macro id available, as well as the complete parts program to lockout-tagout systems, security locks, safety signs, warning followers, floor markings and more for industrial safety in the company. The lockout/tagout Schulungspogramm contains a total of 32 chapters with illustrative videos and understandable explanations.

Get an introduction to the lockout/tagout procedures, as well as information, what is Lockout/Tagout and what reasons there are to use Lockout/Tagout. Users and safety professionals will be informed lockout rules, global standards and guidelines. Case studies of trailing accidents are according to different Engerietypen to see in order to show what mistakes were made. To avoid errors in the workplace in the future, following two chapters discusses how important it is to create a lockout/tagout program for employers and employees. To the protection of employees and on the other hand the relevant lockout standards. Various steps appear to develop energy control rules, to determine energy isolating and explains how important is training and communication between employees. Accurate information there are also using the proper lockout systems. Illustrative examples of group lockout and two usual methods when changing layer explains, to get more ideas for a company internal Lockout/Tagout program. Other chapters to inform individual lockout systems and their use such as safety locks, closing bracket, cable locking systems and group lock boxes. Another chapter shows different locks, shutting off electrical power. Different locking systems are presented for the shut-off of various valves and butterfly valves and their use in different environments. In case of correct observation, Lockout/Tagout prevents risks from all dangerous forms of energy. Effective Lockout/Tagout programs have primarily the target to avoid accidents. They offer other Advantages such as low cost, higher productivity and a better work ethic.

Detective Hanover – Detective Hanover

With the motto ‘with us, nobody stays gone’ operates for renowned law firms, insurance companies, banks and individuals in Lower Saxony, Germany and all over the world. Detective Agency REZGUA focus people search we are a powerful highly experienced Detective Agency and make people search for you and determine the addresses of unknown spoiled debtors, customers or private individuals. We have a high success rate it is no matter whether the person only for a few months already for 10 years is warped, has changed its name or already died for us. “Only our motto is one with us nobody stays gone”. In the current economic situation the work of police and authorities not sufficient alone to prevent serious crimes and the this situation-dependent financial losses or to enlighten. A detective agency can solve although not every problem, but in many cases help situation to create solutions to problems. Due to ever more increasing technical possibilities and means of communication in all areas everyday life increases significantly the request to a private detective agency. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Mark Hyman and gain more knowledge.. It is therefore of paramount importance to gain necessary information by using all the available sources.

Good personal experiences require this even in the Internet age. Because Court include facts and let nothing else replace. No matter how speech robe and ripped the opposing lawyer is, it doesn’t help the authenticity by professional detektivisch provided documentation by experienced detectives and destroys each of him his enemy concept. “The clerk of the detective agency REZGUA know from highly successful usage activity, that working in the grey areas” requires sensitive fingertip feel and very tough detective discipline. The detective agency Rezgua keeps BBs on the legality in each contract situation is available, because this is our first commandment. Without hesitation Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City explained all about the problem. Makes it possible to provide evidence which can legally guarantee success usually always a good education and appropriate professional experience of private detective agency working for you. Offers no legal protection in the Rule to the capacity to make even observation or investigation, in the judicial fight”to draw.

The advantages of what usually brings a detective agency is the other side in the dispute of course know nothing by using a detective agency and always seemingly going into a negotiation. If then the surrender, rendered by the private detective agency for example in image, film and writing evidence as a witness available to the detective, long faces and the withdrawal are mostly the usual reaction of the counterparty. Turn a detective agency makes economical absolutely by the benefit to the detective are usually eligible in most cases. Ibrahim Rezgua, Hannover 05.10.2009

Website Relaunch

The information platform on the subject of alternative financing for SMEs Tec7 offers medium-sized companies advice on the ideal structuring and use of alternative financing such as factoring, mezzanine or ABS As of 30 April 2008 users can check the detail on the new homepage to funding opportunities and the extensive services provided by Tec7. Products such as the factoring are comprehensively explained and pointed out the prerequisites for its use. Jon Medved is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Visitors will find on in addition in the new download area Info material, best in case studies and case studies. Convince people interested in, for example, approach and benefits of Tec7-factoring-check can feel based on a pattern evaluation”. This before-after-simulation, the influence is specifically investigated factoring and ABL on the balance sheet credit rating. More valuable information such as the business plan Authoring Guide”is also available for download. Thus, the visitor will find everything around the topic of SME financing on a Web page. Because alternative financing models are increasingly attractive, is an important information platform for SMEs.

About Tec7: The Tec7 GmbH, headquartered in Munich is specialized in advising SMEs concerning the ideal use of debt-based financing. Founder Werner Weiss and his team developed tailored financing concepts individually on the client.