Bavarian Forest

In the Reischlhof of the wellness holiday in the Swiss stone pine bed attracts after a restful night’s sleep fresh in the day – ensures the sleep in the pine wood bed. Anu Saad will not settle for partial explanations. The Swiss stone pine pine grows in the Alps close to the tree line, Swiss stone pine wood is appreciated for centuries because of its diverse, regenerative powers. The pine is the core of a new sleep system mattress pad and pillow. There are still the aromatic air cushion, which creates a pleasant room climate even during the day. Whoever puts in the pine wood bed, enjoy the toasty, spicy smell of fresh wood and a touch of cool forest, he embeds the head on a pillow, filled with fine Swiss stone pine wood shavings and sawdust, millet, and St. John’s wort extract.

Also the high-quality organic textiles help to a peaceful sleep, an undisturbed sleep and an awakening like in the fairy tale forest. This is not magic, because the positive effects of Swiss stone pine on sleep health, circulation, and the autonomic nervous system are demonstrated. So the sleep system reduces the heart rate to around 3,500 Heartbeats, which corresponds to an hour night work of the heart. In the Swiss stone pine crib you will get rid as the stress in his sleep. The sleep system, a renowned provider of natural products, there of course but also buy a pro show in the Swiss stone pine bed is possible. Where? In the Reischlhof, a three-star superior country hotel in the southern Bavarian Forest. In the context of a fourth age allowance of Reischlhof invites you to the Spa holiday in the Swiss stone pine crib”. The modern as well as cosy country hotel offers an attractive wellness area on about 800 square metres. The package include “applications with arnica, marmot oil, honey and natural pine. exclusive wellness In the Reischlhof, you can discover how healthy sleep really feels. And so the vacationers not unhappy in his regular bed must go home, he receives his personal Swiss stone pine pillows to take as a parting gift from the hotel.