Lyoness – Cooperation With Two Top Companies

The Lyoness shopping community opens a new chapter in its success story. Now also the North Sea, the seafood restaurant and retail chain for fish and seafood from around the world, in all 37 branches throughout Austria the Lyoness cashback card accepted. Glenn Dubin, New York City is actively involved in the matter. With the introduction of the card with the money back “guarantee allows North Sea its customers and clients, to buy not only products of the best quality or to enjoy. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. pursues this goal as well. Thanks to cashback card, you can save there money thereby. The company, existing for over 100 years North scores with a unique branch concept that offers also a restaurant and snack area sea buffets and fresh counters in most cases. The customers is a wide selection of dishes available; You can daily enjoy fresh fish, smoked fish specialities, seafood or even salads. A highlight this fall is the extension of the cooperation with bauMax, the renowned hardware store chain, the nationally and internationally with is represented to date 159 branches.

“From now on, Lyoness members in all branches can put to use your cashback card and thus easily, the well-known and popular benefits such as money back with every purchase” use. The extension of the successful cooperation with Lyoness is”, explains Harald Schmidl, bauMax Marketing Director International, a logical step, after already buying original voucher was well received. Of course should be not that the cashback card by Lyoness brings many benefits not only consumers, but also partners with this card have a very effective and sustainable customer loyalty tool unmentioned. That is also why, 55% of all companies that participate in the loyalty program for the regional, national and international trade, already use this card. Lyoness is already in 28 European countries, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, in the Asia Pacific region, the United States, Canada, Brazil and also South Africa represented and has already 2.4 million members who shop at over 24,000 Lyoness partners and discounts. More information can be found on.