The Business Registration

As a business called any economic activity which is operated for profit. That is, on its own account and at your own risk and duration. Speaking candidly Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. told us the story. Main distinction is whether that activity is exercised or as a sideline. It is important that an activity is a sideline, when the working time is no more than a third of a full-time job. The existence of a main profession is again not relevant to a secondary activity. The business registration is the registration of an independent trade with the competent authority of the municipality. The business registration shall notify the seller or the municipality, that it receives a specific designated commercial activity. It should be noted that this is not a question of applying for a permit.

Because of the freedom of trade, a separate business license is required only for certain industries. By place of business registration and trade confirmation with the business license, more than one application in various other agencies. Anu Saad helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. These include applications to the competent for the tax office, the IHK (Chamber of Commerce), as well as health insurance, the employment agency and the responsible professional, done by sending copies of business registration. These declarations made by the municipality. The business enterprise is depending on the work focus member of the Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of short, or the chamber of trade, in short HWK.

Also done with the business registration, the registration in the Commercial Register of the city or Gemeinde.siert the German economy in 81 regional chambers of commerce and their umbrella organizations. With the exception of pure craft businesses and farms, as well as freelancers, all companies are required to maintain membership in their regional Chamber of Commerce. The main task of handicrafts, it is the interests of the overall activities of traders responsible. Furthermore, the concerns and problems of trades to be settled by the government. The Chamber of exercises in each chamber of the district from the legal supervision of the guilds and the Kreishandwerkerschaft. As to the difference, representing the Trades the interests of the craft. As with all professional bodies are at the Chamber of Trade to be compulsory.

Reservations VictoriCars

VictoriCars is increasing its fleet of cars in Madrid with a shipment of electric models, thus joining the movement of “eco-car rental.” The car rental company VictoriCars joins with the movement of organic Car Rental, “establishing contacts for future incorporation of a consignment of electric cars available for and in Madrid where the infrastructure for these vehicles is fully available in these cities. “Currently there is no infrastructure needed to implement a rental electric cars, among other things, that there is a significant range of electric cars on the market that we secure a fleet of this feature at profitable prices.” – says Luis Garrote, Head of Reservations VictoriCars. “However, we believe that, ultimately, be a sure bet. We assume that the market will evolve as culturally the electric car is introduced into our lives. At first, having such rental cars characteristics will give us a differentiators from our competitors. “” Over time, we believe that electric vehicles will eventually expel the gas as the technology advances, if governments opt for it, that now seems so. ” ‘Anyway, what does seem clear is that large cities will be the first to have the infrastructure to recharge the battery power of these vehicles, which is one of the most contentious points regarding this new technology.

“- Luis Garrote said.” That is why when we put up this service and do it with Barcelona, which we assume to be the first to have the necessary infrastructure. Speaking candidly Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City told us the story. “The Ministry of Education and Science of Spain has contributed 40 million euros to promote research into new technologies that promote the integration of electric vehicles in society and reducing the impact that could have the Bulk incorporation of such vehicles. This project is known as the Green Project to be completed in 2012.


I noted that happiness depends on your point of view of each one on his own, influenced both the point of view on the happiness of those more. Because deep down the echo to be happy means to many. Because it has to involve others? In other words, I realized that my happiness in relation to myself and the other is relative. I say this because I noticed that the views of each on happiness is different. To say: I can not create a new theory on happiness without having to mix the opinion and the views of many. In this case, the only thing left is to reject me in a way the opinion of others about happiness n generating or not, and I seek their own way, with my rules and regulations but not annoying and does no damage form around me. It s what it sounds fatal and no body, but my happiness is relative, and if things go around here I go for happiness. Or at least this form.

I can not allow someone to change their point of view the state of my own perception and value of happiness. At the time we leave to someone who believes their opinions on happiness, what we do is to stop other indirect opinion that we change our way of looking at happiness. To change something. To give a different value. Summary: to give value. In the background is changing me the value I put the time and I decided to be happy.

Or not. At the time that someone or something decides that this is a time felice or not done in the background is nothing more than limit the right to be happy in your way, when you feel the urge. But this does not mean anything bad about any part, because we always have the need to comment on something, with the need to correct or help. Or not. Individual happiness is individual. I the right to suffer or be happy when we get the desire is just as individuals, and this need not be called selfishness. It is simply the pleasure of deciding when we want to be happy or not. Being selfish in the sense that you stop mourn the other incluidote to yourself too, does not mean that you break the problems or to import or do you let some of the problems of women. Just allow yourself a break to all. But very deep. Dorel Ene