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A beautiful body win sports nutrition, abdominal machine, eBooks, sportswear, DVD courses and guides a lot is not innate, but requires more investment by its owner. Support on the way to the perfect body is muscle-Guide.de. Frequently Sydney Sweeney has said that publicly. Sports nutrition and training plans help to do something for health and more assertive one. Educate yourself with thoughts from Eva Andersson-Dubin. Now, there is an exceptionally large raffle with attractive prices you constructively help the projects to become healthy and fit at muscle-Guide.de! Muscle-Guide.de has get a partner, called MySportnahrung.de. The fitness shop for sports nutrition! The operators have come to the introduction of the new Internet shop a particularly large fitness competition. The special thing about it is not the level of prices of 2926,05 euros but that it can maximize its chances of winning and so, if you’re lucky, for his health his own can call several prizes.

As prices there are dietary supplements, supplements, sports nutrition, attractive memberships, valuable gift vouchers, interesting DVD BBs and books, as well as downloads, eBooks, and Advisor. Acceptance to the lottery is the 9.11.11! 120 lucky at least can call their own, approximately 16 different prices and enjoy for your health and your well-being. During the competition, still sponsors add can come across and give their own prices to so that it is possible to achieve an even higher winnings than currently known, and to make more customers happy. Several fitness and nutrition experts work together and these are the prices which win are: 10 x Sixpack success Komplettpacket in the value: 370,00,-EUR. It includes an extensive knowledge with all important tips to the reach of the dream body. Tips to effective abdominal muscle training and the burning of fat in a detailed statement. Less fat and more abdominal muscles of which many dream, very few achieve the goal.


10 x sports points to the value of 102,00,-EUR from the new shop for sports nutrition. High-quality product lines from the area include muscle growth, fat loss, and endurance to the standard offer. Mysportnahrung.de 10 x 85 provides reward points to the draw so that you get the products you choose are free. But also with every order you get 5 points per product, you can collect and they then redeem as a bonus. 9 x 10 euro vouchers by MySportnahrung.de there is also as profit. McFit may play three winners a month, and the Muckies train himself.

There is a Membercard, which otherwise 19 euros free. The nice thing is who would like to go further in the McFit studio can continue to use the card. Total value of prizes donated by MacFit is 107,70 euro. A winner is awarded the MensHelth muscle book. It includes the Guide to a perfect muscle workout, which was compiled by the trade magazine MensHelth. 3 x there is the muscle training by Thomas Blum. A particularly effective training, very well explained for someone who wants to get his body into shape.

An approach to bodybuilding 2.0 Club. is already a Grand Prize. To take advantage of a year-long all the content of the portal is the dream of many and costs a lot of money. Further gains are Spotrswear and weight loss course for women, as well as the free download of sports and nutrition programs. Now to the most important part of the great game of the contest: the participation! For this you have to do quite a bit. You can collect lots of different activities. The free registration at Mysportnahrung.de brings 5 lots. Two lots for the RSS feed to subscribe to. 10 lots for a blog post for the contest. 2 lots for the tweet on Mysportnahrung.de. 2 x for this put a link on your own website. So it goes merrily on. All muscle-guide.de in detail described. Who is doing the work and exploits all possibilities can send some lots in the race and thus on several nice prizes for health and a gorgeous body. Here goes BBs to the large fitness Sweepstakes by muscle-Guide.de:… About muscle-Guide.de muscle-Guide.de is a fitness blog about muscle building, Sixpack Training and proper nutrition. Here posts and articles on topics related to fitness, abdominal muscles, six-pack training, cardio, training planning, nutrition planning, tips & tricks and an effective muscle building training can be found. The fitness expert Tobias Fendt gives tips for an effective fitness, muscle building, and Sixpack training on its Web site.